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Instructions For New Job Applicants

Read the instructions below completely prior to clicking the job search button.

1. Go to the Cone Health Job Search Page

2. Use the "Search" function on the job search page to find a position of interest. You can use key words, such as Nursing, Clerical/Administrative, General Support or the Requisition (job posting) number as a shortcut. 

  • Make sure you meet the minimum qualifications on the job description and can work the schedule listed on the requisition.
  • Narrow your selections to your top 3 choices. You should only apply for a maximum of 3 open jobs per month.

3. After finding a position of interest, click on "Apply" at top right or bottom right of screen for the Login screen to appear.

  • If you have never applied with us before, go to "Create a New User Account." Enter a user name and password.
  • Write down and keep your user name and password! This will be your user name and password in order to apply with us again in the future. Please note that your user name will always be your user name to log in even if you change your e-mail address in your profile.

4. If you are a returning applicant, go to "Registered Users." Enter the e-mail address and password created on your first visit.

  • Forgotten your password? (Click the "Forgot my password" button to have a temporary password emailed to the e-mail address in your profile.)

5. If you are a first-time applicant, complete the entire profile. If you are a returning applicant, edit your existing profile to ensure your information is current and accurate.

6. We recommend that you 1) attach your resume and 2) copy and paste your resume into your profile. This gives the recruiter more information about your work history and experience.

7. IMPORTANT - Complete all pages of the profile and click "Submit" at the end of your profile when completed. Review your profile information and then click "Confirm" at the bottom of your profile to save.

8. You are required to complete a survey in order to complete the application process. Check your e-mail account for information on accomplishing this. You only have to complete the survey once.

9. For clerical/administrative positions, answer the assessment questions.

What now?

Once you have applied to a new opportunity, you will receive a confirmation email as well as other important information about the application process.  Please check your email account frequently for status updates. 

If you need additional assistance or have questions about your application, please feel free to call the Cone Health Talent Acquisition Team at 866-266-3767.

Having Trouble Applying?

You can also contact our Talent Acquisition Team at (866) 266-3767