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Nursing Practice and Research

Cone Health nurses are committed to excellence in patient care. We continually measure, evaluate and improve the processes by which we deliver that care. We maintain high standards for our practice environment and believe that professional nursing practice is based on our expert knowledge and the integration of research findings into practice.

We are on the frontlines of testing new and improved methods, observing outcomes and sharing best practices with others – all for purposes of having a positive impact on patient care, the workplace environment and the practice of nursing.

Nursing Research Council

The Cone Health Nursing Research Council exists to support and encourage nursing staff involvement in research and research activities.

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The Professional Nurse Advancement Program (PNAP)

The Professional Nurse Advancement Program was developed by Cone Health to create opportunities for nurses to add to the body of clinical nursing research, facilitate evidence-based practice and improve the care and safety of our patients. It promotes professional growth and provides a supportive, nurturing environment for nurses to navigate the evolving challenges of healthcare in the 21st century

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