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Volunteering at Moses Cone Hospital

Moses Cone Hospital VolunteerPlease consider volunteering with our hospital. Not only will you benefit from the personal satisfaction of helping others, you will be providing a valuable service for the people of our community.

When considering volunteer applications, we value teamwork, compassion, a caring attitude and respect for confidentiality. We invite you to explore the many opportunities our exceptional hospital has to offer.

Why Volunteer

For our volunteers, the opportunity to give is more than just the hours they spend at the hospital. Whether our volunteers have made another’s job easier, helped comfort a patient or assisted a family member, our volunteers say their experiences give them a strong sense of personal satisfaction beyond what they could have imagined.

Who Are We Looking For?

Our ideal volunteer candidate is someone who genuinely wants to serve others and make a difference in the daily lives of our patients, visitors and staff. Every assignment completed by a volunteer supports our efforts to provide exemplary care. Our ideal volunteer knows that there are no small tasks when it comes to serving others.

Available Opportunities

  • Clerical Projects/Department Assistants: Volunteers perform a wide range of support for various departments such as filing, collating, addressing and stuffing envelopes, answering phones and running errands.
  • Discharge Escorts: Volunteers transport patients from their rooms to their cars after discharge and run errands for the nursing units.
  • Emergency Department: Volunteers serve as a liaison between families, patients and medical staff. They provide regular nonmedical updates, check on patients and assist with special needs.
  • Flower and Mail Delivery: Volunteers bring good cheer to patients by delivering mail and flowers.
  • Greeter/Way Finder: Our first-impression volunteers assist the entrance desk with greeting and escorting customers.
  • Musicians: Professional pianists or other professional musicians provide music therapy for patients in the main entrance lobby. We have a grand piano for use by professional pianists.
  • Nursing Units: Volunteers provide assistance to patients under the direction of hospital staff. Activities may include sitting with patients, serving beverages, assisting with meal trays, answering call buttons and running errands.
  • Surgery Waiting Host/Hostess: Families and friends wait in this area while patients are in surgery. Volunteers register families, provide nonmedical updates, serve as a liaison between the family and medical staff, and provide refreshments.
  • Gift Shop and Uniform Shop Sales Associates: Volunteers assist customers, display merchandise and assist with inventory control.

Volunteer Requirements

We ask that all of our adult volunteers commit to a minimum of 60 hours of service within a 12-month period, serving at least one two- to four-hour shift per week. Morning and afternoon shifts are available in most service areas. Evening and weekend shifts are available in some service areas.

How to Become a Volunteer


Attend a mandatory volunteer information session at:

Wesley Long Hospital

Second Thursday of each month
Private Dining Room (basement, across from cafeteria exit)


Fourth Tuesday of each month
4 p.m.
Private Dining Room (basement, across from cafeteria exit)

Our information sessions give potential volunteers an opportunity to learn more about the numerous opportunities and expectations related to volunteerism at Moses Cone Hospital.

Once you have attended a mandatory information session and your volunteer application has been accepted, you will be given information regarding our orientation program and available volunteer opportunities.