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UNCG to Offer Advanced Nursing Degree

The School of Nursing at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro will offer a new doctor of nursing practice program in the fall of 2015.

The program will offer separate tracks for nurse anesthetists and adult/gerontological primary care nurse practitioners. Students must hold baccalaureate degrees in nursing, be licensed registered nurses and have nursing practice experience related to their track.

For more information, call Eileen Kohlenberg at 334-5261.

Cone Health Earns Accolades from Magazine's Readers

YES! Magazine logoThe readers of YES! Weekly have chosen Cone Health as the Best Hospital in the Triad in its annual Reader’s Choice awards.

The hospital category was a new one added in this 7th annual online survey. The announcement was made in the magazine’s April 24 issue.

OR Staff Wins Golden Trash Can Award

The Moses H. Cone Memorial Hospital Operating Room staff won the Golden Trash Can award from the Environmental Services’ “Brighten Your Day” committee.

The Operating Room staff was recognized for partnering with Environmental Services during the past quarter.

Volunteers Honored with Special Events

Cone Health Honors Volunteers

The Moses H. Cone Memorial Hospital and Wesley Long Hospital volunteers were recognized at a luncheon during National Volunteer Week. Above are volunteers Henry Kritzer (left) from Wesley Long Hospital and Varo Duffins from Moses Cone Hospital. They are seated with Judy Brennan, Secretary, Volunteer Services, Moses Cone Hospital. Volunteers Recognized at LuncheonAt left are (seated, from left) Betty Gale Sikes and Barbara Heilig from Wesley Long Hospital and Joan Conforte from Moses Cone Hospital. Jacki DeYoung, Assistant Manager, Wesley Long Hospital Gift Shop, is standing.




Women's Hospital Volunteers


Five volunteers at Women's Hospital were honored with 15-year service pins (above) during the Volunteer Services luncheon. Cindy Farrand (left), President, Women's Hospital, and Sue Pedaline (right), Vice President, Nursing/Patient Services, shared the moment with (from left) Dottie Clark, Kathy Rappaport, Charlotte Decker, Barbara Crews and Erica Rutishauser. 


Annie's Spirit Winner Pat SentiffAt Annie Penn Hospital, volunteers also were honored at a special event which recognized this year's Annie Spirit winner, Pat Sentiff. Sentiff won the award for exemplifying the caring spirit of the hospital's founder, Annie Penn. Other volunteers attending the event were (from left) Jean Windsor, Alice Craddock, LaVisa Walker, Ann Foster, Joyce Griffin, Shirley Daniel, Ruth Ashley and Jane Mills.

 Annie Penn Hospital Volunteers









Whirligig Brightens Wesley Long Hospital Campus

Whirligig at Wesley Long HospitalThrough a partnership with the Public Art Endowment of the Greater Greensboro Community Foundation and the Vollis Simpson Whirligig Park in Wilson, one of Simpson’s whirligigs has been installed near the employee parking garage at Wesley Long Hospital. Titled “Saw Dogs,” this loaned artwork created by Simpson, a 93-year-old artist, will be on display for 18 months. The volunteers from The Moses H. Cone Memorial Hospital and Wesley Long Hospital paid for the cost of installation. More information about Simpson and his creations is available at

Farmers' Markets Offer Fresh Produce and Flowers

The Farmers’ Markets are now operating at The Moses H. Cone Memorial Hospital and Wesley Long Hospital. Bob Bessey, Director, Volunteer Services, says the flowers, fruits and vegetables are supplied by Smith & Clapp Farms. It is anticipated that the markets will run through September.

The markets are held on Tuesdays from 6:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the Atrium breezeway at Moses Cone Hospital and from 10:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the main lobby at Wesley Long Hospital.

Breast Cancer Center Receives Komen Grant

The Breast Cancer Center has received a $45,000 grant from Susan G. Komen for the Cure. The grant will be used to pay for uninsured women to have diagnostic mammograms or ultrasounds.

Komen represents one of the nation’s largest private funding sources for breast health and breast cancer screening, education and treatment support programs.

More Questions and Answers from Brown Bag Lunch at Wesley Long Hospital

Terry Akin, President and Chief Operating Officer, recently held a brown bag lunch at Wesley Long Hospital. Here are some more of the employees’ questions and his answers:

Can retirees use the Cone Health Outpatient Pharmacy?

Yes. Potential savings to retirees for using our pharmacies really depends on each retiree’s prescription co-pay and the prescription being requested. For instance, the Outpatient Pharmacies do not accept all Part D plans, and the co-pays with these plans may be higher at our pharmacies. Pharmacists at any of our outpatient locations are more than happy to work with any retirees to best maximize their savings opportunities. Please feel free to stop by for more information.

Why are we sending more patients to CT to have bone marrow procedures? Could there be possible overutilization of CT for this procedure?

Often, this is done because of the need for conscious sedation in many of these patients. However, you raise a good question, and this is something worth looking into as we strive to provide exceptional care and quality as cost effectively as possible. Annette Smith, Vice President of Nursing/Patient Services, Wesley Long Hospital, will take a look at a number of our recent cases and determine if the utilization has been appropriate.

It is often dangerous to cross North Elam Avenue between Wesley Long Hospital and LeBauer HealthCare. Drivers do not stop for pedestrians, even in the crosswalk. Could we request signage that notes it is state law to stop for pedestrians? What about speed bumps?

Thank you for raising this concern about the safety of our employees and visitors. Don Causey, Director, Security Services, will contact city officials to request additional signage and consideration of speed bumps. This is a city street, and Cone Health does not have the authority to take these actions ourselves, but we are committed to working with city officials however possible to address these safety concerns.

What can be done about speeding in front of Kids Connection childcare center?

Thank you for your concern for our children at this center! We have installed several speed bumps in front of this building; we direct people to use an alternate passage through an adjacent parking area; and we have done everything we can think of to discourage people from speeding in this area. I have also asked Security to place officers there on a random basis to monitor this. I urge everyone reading this to please stop for a moment, keep in mind the safety of our own employees’ children who use this center and help us urge our co-workers to slow down!

With the implementation of the Affordable Care Act and our efforts to provide high-quality healthcare in a cost effective way, what is Cone Health’s stance on physician extenders doing patient rounding?

As we move toward a new model of healthcare delivery with increased focus on prevention, there will be more need for primary care providers. There’s a dramatic shortage of these physicians when you consider how great the need is. So as we move into the future, I expect that we’ll be using physicians only in those cases in which we truly need physicians, and we’ll rely on extenders in many more ways. This will often include rounding on patients and serving in our hospitalist program. Research shows that, with appropriate parameters, physician extenders and nurse practitioners provide a very high level of quality care and service. We have to open our minds and embrace these possibilities for providing high quality care and service in new ways.

At the time of the merger many years ago, all Wesley Long Hospital employees were required to put their sick time into a catastrophic sick leave bank when we converted to the Moses Cone Hospital PAL system. Now, when we retire, we lose that time. It can only be used for catastrophic sick leave. Could we revisit that?

The mergers with both Wesley Long Hospital and Annie Penn Hospital included keeping accrued “sick” time in a Catastrophic Sick Bank. Some very long-term Moses Cone Hospital employees also have some hours. These hours were accumulated before these organizations merged and converted to the PAL system. These hours were never valued or “owed” to employees the way PAL hours are. Instead, they were designed to be used only when someone was medically unable to work. The hours were retained as a benefit to the employees who had them. They can still be used after 40 hours of PAL are used for a medical absence, but they have no value. Only 331 employees still have these Catastrophic Sick Bank hours, but they have more than 68,000 hours! We allow these employees to keep these hours in case they need them, but we will not pay them upon termination. Again, they are sick time hours and not the same as PAL hours.

Radiology and Environmental Service are both wearing navy blue uniforms. It is confusing to people. Can we change the Environmental Services colors to a different option?

Thank you for this feedback. Environmental Services does have a different uniform top with a stripe on it. We have not heard that there has been confusion among patients, but we will check with department directors to ask them if they are hearing this concern. We also request that staff always introduce themselves using AIDET to ensure that the patients and family know why they are in the rooms and what they will be doing. Our Environmental Services staff members have a script and a card with their name that they leave in the rooms for our patients, which further clarifies their role from that of the Radiology transporter.


Staff members are receiving Employee of the Month and Exceptional People awards for transporting patients and visitors in their personal vehicles. I know that we all want to do that, but from a liability perspective, can we?

That’s a really insightful question, and it’s one we need to ask. The essence of why people are doing this is about our values of caring for others, and it is really extraordinary! Even so, employees who do this put themselves at risk of liability for any potential accident or other issue that may occur. Indirectly, this practice also puts Cone Health at risk when it comes to liability for accidents. So, as much as I truly appreciate these good intentions, we must discourage employees from transporting patients or patients’ family members in their own personal vehicles.

Our Subway at Wesley Long Hospital does not seem to be wheelchair-accessible.

Thank you for the care you show to our patients and visitors who use wheelchairs. I have checked with hospital leadership, and it does appear the Subway entrance meets federal American with Disabilities Act requirements. Even so, I understand your concern with the door and the slight difficulty involved when pushing a wheelchair across it. It is suggested that you enter the door in reverse, by pulling the wheelchair across the threshold instead of pushing it. Please let hospital leaders know if this tip does not help, so the issue can be revisited.

Have you reached a final decision on the attendance policy?

Yes, we are committed to our new attendance policy. Our former policy had a great deal of latitude and was often abused. So, when we developed our new policy, we opted to benchmark ourselves against other well respected health systems. Ours is consistent with others in the region. I know that there have been concerns that it doesn’t grant enough latitude; however, I will say that if you are responsible and come to work, the attendance policy is not going to create problems for you. If there are extenuating circumstances that we need to consider on a case-by-case basis, we will do that. It is important that we be reasonable and not rigid, while still holding people accountable to be at work on time and as scheduled. This is a key way that we can care for our patients and each other.

Breakthrough Project Team - Emergency Department

Leader: Theresa Brodrick, RN, PhD, Executive Vice President and Chief Nursing Officer.


Team members:

Tony Allen, MD, Emergency Physician, Wake Forest University Department of Emergency Medicine, Greensboro Region.

Cheryl Allison, Assistant Director, Emergency Department, Wesley Long Hospital.

John Bednar, MD, Medical Director, Emergency Department, The Moses H. Cone Memorial Hospital.

Greg Berney, Senior Patient Experience Manager, Office of Patient Experience.

Troy Chisolm, President, Behavioral Health Hospital.

Misty Freeman, Director, Emergency Department, Moses Cone Hospital.

Susan Geubtner, Assistant Director, Emergency Department, Wesley Long Hospital.

Jami Goldberg, Director, Organizational Development.

Debbie Grant, Vice President, Nursing/Patient Services, Moses Cone Hospital.

Blake Graves, Director, Patient Accounting.

Debbie Green, Vice President, Nursing/Patient Services, Annie Penn Hospital and Behavioral Health Hospital.

Chad Grose, Assistant Director, Emergency Department, Moses Cone Hospital.

Robert Hensley, Administrative Fellow.

Jim Hoekstra, MD, Professor and Chairman, Department of Emergency Medicine.

Sam Jacubowitz, MD, Chief of Emergency Medicine, Medical Executive Committee.

Paul Jeffrey, President, Wesley Long Hospital, and Chief Inclusion Officer.

Sendil Krishnan, MD, Executive Medical Director, Triad Hospitalists.

Chanin Maynard, Assistant Director, Emergency Department, Moses Cone Hospital.

Gayle Mueller, Director, Intensive Care Unit, Wesley Long Hospital.

Judy Schanel, President, Moses Cone Hospital, and Executive Vice President, Cone Health.

Annette Smith, Vice President, Nursing/Patient Services, Wesley Long Hospital.

Cheryl Somers, Executive Director, Emergency Services.

Kevin Steinl, MD, Medical Director, Emergency Department, Wesley Long Hospital.

Debra Williams, Director, Emergency Department, Wesley Long Hospital.

Jenna Willingham, Administrative Fellow.

Breakthrough Project Team - Sustaning Organizational Excellence

Leader: Joan Evans, Vice President, Organizational Effectiveness and Performance


Team members:

Anita Badgett, Training Specialist, Organizational Development.

Sheryl Booth, Director, Invasive Cardiovascular Services, The Moses H. Cone Memorial Hospital.

Chad Brough, Executive Director, Office of Patient Experience.

Christopher Brown, Project Manager, Physician/Strategic Services.

Dennis Campbell II, Executive Director, Quality Excellence Initiative.

Eileen Caviness, Director, Management Information Systems.

Jami Goldberg, Director, Organizational Development.

Debbie Grant, Vice President, Nuring and Patient Services, Moses Cone Hospital.

Christy Hall, Manager, Respiratory Therapy, Annie Penn Hospital.

Sally Hammond, Executive Director, Physician/Strategic Services.

Cheryl Hausner, Service Director, Nursing Administration.

Joe Meador, Director, Financial Services.

Melissa Riffe-Guyer, Senior Patient Experience Manager, Office of Patient Experience.

Brian Romig, Vice President, Clinical and Support Services.

Jim Roskelly, Executive Vice President, Strategic Development.

Judy Schanel, Executive Vice President, Cone Health, and President, Moses Cone Hospital.

Robert Smith, Director, Cone HealthLink.

Cheryl Somers, Executive Director, Emergency Services.

Teri Wyatt, Director, eLink Critical Care, Department 2900-Cardiac Intensive Care Unit and Step-down.

Jeannie Wilson, Director, Bariatric Program/Sleep Disorders Center, Wesley Long Hospital.

Breakthrough Project Team - Transforming Leadership Roles

Leader: Sheryl Booth, Director, Invasive Cardiovascular Services and Procedural Short Stay


Team members:

Debbie Grant, Vice President, Nursing/Patient Services, Moses Cone Hospital.

Christy Hall, Manager, Respiratory Therapy, Annie Penn Hospital.

Cheryl Somers, Executive Director, Emergency Services.

Jeannie Wilson, Director, Bariatric Surgery Program/Sleep Disorders Center.

Breakthrough Project Team - Inclusion Council

(Formerly the Diversity and Inclusion Breakthrough Project)

Leader: Paul Jeffrey, President, Wesley Long Hospital, and Chief Inclusion Officer, Cone Health


Team members:

Barbara Akins, RN, Staff Educator, Nursing, Behavioral Health Hospital.

Bryan Allen, Marketing Manager, Marketing.

Ceresta Bryant, Employee Performance Manager, Human Resources.

Bev Cleveland, Chief Financial Officer, LeBauer HealthCare.

Joe Davis, Assistant Director, Materials, Purchasing.

Lavern Delaney, Director, Nursing Administration, Moses Cone Hospital.

Bob Goldstein, Executive Vice President, Cone Health Medical Group.

Lobel Lurie, RN, Staff Educator, Staff Education.

Aashka Mehta, Director, Executive Office, Health Services Division.

Grace Moffitt, Vice President, Human Resources.

Shahbaz Rabbani, Data Manager, Office of Patient Experience.

Antonia Reaves, Vice President/Senior Program Officer, Cone Health Foundation.

Brent Ridenour, Director, Service Response Center.

Alexis Smith, Chaplain, Department for Spiritual Care and Wholeness.

Laura Vail, Inclusion and Internal Employment Manager, Human Resources.

Breakthrough Project Team - Length of Stay Reduction

Leader: Anne Macner, Vice President, Neurosciences, Orthopedics and Rehabilitation


Team members:

Cameron Carlton, RN, Staff Educator, Staff Education.

Cathy Cochran, RN, Executive Director of Clinical Informatics, Management Systems.

Cheryl Hausner, RN, Nursing Service Director, Nursing Administration.

Robert Hickling, Director, Triad Hospitalists.

Gail Howard, Front Office Representative, Employer Health Services at Kernersville.

Joan LoPresti, RN, Nursing Service Director, Nursing Administration.

Kristie Payne, Quality Manager, Triad HealthCare Network.

Ginger Plemmons, Health Information Management Coding Manager, Health Information Management.

Hope Rife, Director, Social Work Department.

Annette Smith, RN, Vice President, Nursing and Patient Services, Wesley Long Hospital.

Jay Smith, Director, Acute Rehabilitation, The Moses H. Cone Memorial Hospital.

Peggy Tesh, Quality Coordinator Team Leader, Quality Informatics.

Katie Walker, RN, Director, Nursing Administration.

Mary Welch, RN, Nurse Specialist, Clinical Nursing Support


Breakthrough Project Team - Readmissions

Leader: Rhonda Rumple, RN, Director, THN Care Management.


Team members:  

Mary Elizabeth Batten, Director of Pharmacy Services, Guilford County Department of Public Health.

Patty Beard, Home Health Disease Management Specialist, Advanced Home Care.

Zachary Brooks, Clinical Social Worker, Social Work Department.

Mary Chester, RN, Nurse Liaison, Hospice of the Piedmont.

Lisa Duck, Executive Director, Guilford Adult Health.

Mona Easter, RN, Director, Intensive Cardiac Care Unit, Annie Penn Hospital.

Brian Ellerby, Director, Executive Office, Health Services.

Janice Gasaway, Director of Quality, Triad HealthCare Network and Cone Health Medical Group.

Theresa Haithcock, RN, Clinical Nurse Specialist, Nursing Support.

Robert Hickling, Director, Triad Hospitalists.

Rich Lundy, Vice President, Heart and Vascular Center and Imaging Services.

Annette McNeill, RN, Director, Penn Nursing Center.

Aashka Mehta, Director, Health Services.

Lelia Moore, RN, Coordinator, Congregational Nurse Program.

Brenda Murphy, RN, Clinical Nurse Specialist, Nursing Support.

Steve Neorr, Vice President and Executive Director, Triad HealthCare Network.

Leigha Shepler, Injury Prevention Coordinator, Safe Guilford.

Anita Sherer, RN, Clinical Nurse Specialist, Nursing Support.

Breakthrough Project Team - Patient Safety

Leader: Dennis Campbell II, Executive Director, Quality Excellence Initiative

Team members:

Mary Jo Cagle, MD, Executive Vice President and Chief Medical Officer.

Glenda Davis, Accreditation and Patient Safety Officer, Accreditation Services.

Fredrick Gainey, Quality/Process Improvement Manager, Quality Excellence Initiative.

Debbie Green, RN, Vice President, Nursing/Patient Services, Annie Penn Hospital and Behavioral Health Hospital.

Jim Hasspacher, Medication Safety and Quality Coordinator, Pharmacy, The Moses H. Cone Memorial Hospital.

Kristy Holt, Director, Respiratory Care, EEG Service and Annie Penn Hospital Sleep Center.

Carswell Jackson, MD, Anesthesiologist, American Anesthesiology.

Marsena Pardee, RN, Clinical Nurse Specialist and Manager, Inpatient Diabetes Program, Clinical Nursing Support.

Karen Resh, Director, Emergency Department, MedCenter High Point.

Robert Slaughter III, Performance Manager, Physician Network, Quality and Safety.

Laura Stines, RN, Infection Prevention Specialist, Infection Prevention.

Nancy Watson, RN, Safety Zone Portal Administrator, Risk Management.

Elliott Wentz, MD, Emergency Physician, Wake Forest University Department of Emergency Medicine, Greensboro Region.

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