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Student Clinical Placement

This site is for Nursing and other Academic Health Program Students.

Cone Health is dedicated to providing a safe health care environment for all patients, as well as an exceptional learning environment for students. Students will have access to a wide array of educational opportunities designed to facilitate the development of highly skilled and knowledgeable professional caregivers.

In partnership with academic affiliates, students will practice under the direct supervision of faculty instructors and/or Cone Health Registered Nurse preceptors, as well as other licensed practitioners. The licensed professional, whether faculty instructor or Cone Health preceptor, will supervise all care provided by the student in the clinical setting.

For clinical experiences that are not a requirement of a program of study, contact the department where you are seeking a clinical experience. Medical and Physician Assistant students should contact GAHEC. High School students should contact their school.

For further assistance, contact

General Clinical Information

Clinical Group / Out-Rotation Schedules

Current Schedule Previous:Fall 2016 Summer 2016 Spring 2016

Clinical Group Student Exit Surveys

We value student feedback and make changes accordingly! Please direct students to complete a Clinical Exit Survey on the last day of their clinical experience. Surveys can also be accessed off campus.

Student Exit Surveys -2017 Spring Surveys are posted on the Student page (click on link to the left). Student in clinical groups are asked to complete a Clinical Exit Survey at the completion of the clinicals.

Education Partners - Student Clinical Groups & Undergrad Preceptorships

Clinical Request Information

Cone Health works with one school program designated Education Partner through this process. An Education partner is the school liaison for Cone Health. If you are new to the Education Partner role, contact Connie Lewter to arrange an orientation.

Education Partner Reference
Deadlines for Clinical Group requests:

  • Spring Semester - October 15th
  • Summer Semester - March 15th
  • Fall Semester - April 15th

The process for requesting clinical placement has been changed. Contact Staff Education for further information:

Required Documentation

  • Annual General CORE and Cone Health Orientation are required for students and instructors. The student CORE Test and Cone Health Orientation Acknowldgement form is maintained at the school and available upon request.
  • Clinical Department Orientation Reconciliation is required each time a group is going to a new department. Reconciliation for the current semester must be received before requests can be consideration for the next semester.
  • Clinical Department Orientation Reconciliation Statement & Instructions
  • Group Cone Healthlink - Use the training / log-in access request below. If your school has a Certified Trainer, they will submit this request for log-in and provide the training.
  • Group Badge Request

Undergraduate Preceptor request

Individual Course Work Request

Information for Students and Academic Point of Contact (APOC)

A Cone Health preceptorship is a partnership between an school affiliate and Cone Health to provide a required component of Course Work in a curriculum program for an individual student in a Cone Health facility. This is the portal of entry into Cone Health for Graduate Nursing and other health program students. The course work may be clinical or non-clinical, such as a research project. These requirements apply if your physical presence at a Cone facility is needed for any course work to be done. If your work is all on-line, these requirements do not apply.
Course Work Request & Instructions
A new Course Work Request Form must be submitted by the Academic Point of Contact (APOC), not the student, for each new site, each semester. The Guidelines attached to the request form explain the pre-requisites for completing required course work at Cone Health.

Additional forms needed after the Course work request has been confirmed:

  • CHL (EPIC EMR System) Access and Training - if needed

  • Cone Photo Badge (required)/ Parking

  • The APOC can contact for the Core Orientation Test and Key.
  • Cone Health Orientation Acknowledgement

The request forms for the required badge and, if necessary, computer doocumentation access and training will be provided after the Course Work request is confirmed. The APOC or student will complete and submit the requests directly to Security and the CHL (Epic computer training and access) Center as directed on the forms. All information needs to be filled in for the process to proceed.

All documentation verifying the Clinical Education Agreement and Orientation on-boarding requirements wil be verified by the APOC and maintained at the school.

On-boarding requirements


Annual requirement

A two part process to be completed annually by all students and on-campus faculty unless other orientation arrangements are made with the department hosting the student.

1. Core Orientation

2. Cone Health Orientation

3. Clinical Department Orientation Agreement - required for department clinical group orientation - to be submitted by Clinical Instructor to the school Education Partner for reconciliation with the confirmed request form.

Passport Orientation Form (This is a form students can use to keep track of their immunizations. This is not a formal record and is not required)

Faculty Information

Information for Departments Hosting Students

Information for Departments regarding Students

Cone Health Employees

All employees who are students planning to do any type of course work required by a program of study must complete an on-boarding process. This applies to clinical and non-clinical work, including research. If your course work can be done on-line without being physically at an Cone Health site, the requirements do not apply.

  1. Refer to the Course Work Request Information above. The Course Work Request form and Instructions document will outline the requirements for a CH employee. If you will be physically at a Cone Health facility to do your work, these requirements apply. If you can do your course work without being at a Cone facility, the requirements do not apply. Please contact Staff Education for further information and assistance through the process if needed.
  2. An affiliate agreement with your accredited school program must be in place prior to the initiation of a clinical experience. Cone Health has affiliate agreements with most local schools. This is a lengthy process and requests for new affiliate agreements must be considered carefully. Contact Staff Education to find out if there is an affiliate agreement with your accredited school program.
  3. Out-of-State curriculum program schools are required to obtain NC Board of Governors' Approval for students to complete any component of course work at a NC facility. It school is accountable for informing students about this and their standing regarding this requirement. Cone Health requires out-of-state school programs to have NC BOG approval in order to establish an affiliate agreement with the school program. Visit the NC BOG website for a list of approved schools.

  4. The school is required to verify and maintain the on-boarding required documentation. Some on-line schools are not set-up to do this.

  5. Employees are exempt from orientation requirements but must meet other on-boarding criteria. Cone will pay for screening tests. Student on-boarding criteria.
  6. Employees are requried to have a 2nd log-in for CHL access as a student.
  7. Employees are requied to have a student Cone Health photo ID badge.
  8. Cone Health does not support undergraduate on-line program preceptorships.

Cone HealthLink (CHL) Access /Training Request

Clinical groups

School Faculty Certified Trainers or Education Partners can submit the log-in / training request directly to the Epic Training Center as directed on the form. the request should be submitted several weeks before the students will be clinical at Cone Health for the upcoming semester. Include the graduation date for the log-ins to expire.

Additional electronic medical record training and log-in access may be required for different clinical sites.

Brief out-rotations will not receive training or log-ins. A View Only log-in may be requested.

Individual Students - The request form will be sent to your APOC after your Course Work Request has been confrimed.

Log-in Help:

Follow the instructions in this link for any trouble after receiving your log-in:

Self-Service Password Re-Set

Nursing Badge

Badge Information

In an effort to support security for our patients and staff.Cone Health requires all nursing students and faculty members to wear the Cone Health name tags with picture ID. This identification is required whenever students or faculty members are on any Cone Health campus for school-related activities.

Group Badge Request

Individual Students - The Cone Photo Badge (required)/ Parking - Request form will be sent to your APOC after the Course Work Request has been confirmed.

Badge Request form Instructions

  • Moses Cone campus - Student parking is on the 3rd level of the Visitor Parking Garage and is accessed via the main entrance on Church Street.
  • Wesley Long campus - Student parking is accessed from N. Elam and is in the spaces closest to the corner of Friendly Avenue and N. Elam.
  • Alamance regional - Student parking is in the S lot
  • Women's Hospital, Annie Penn and Behavioral Health parking for students is at the further edge of the visitor's parking as a courtesy to our visitors.

Thank you for partnering with Cone Health to provide exceptional patient care.

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