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Academic Scholarship Loans are available to Cone Health employees and others who are approved to attend various accredited allied health and nursing programs in fields that are needed to provide long-term quality patient care. The academic scholarship loans vary in the amount of money loaned, depending upon the cost and length of the academic program. The recipient agrees to repay the loan if he or she fails to fulfill the obligations stipulated in the Cone Health Academic Scholarship Loan Program Guidelines. Otherwise, the scholarship loan shall be forgiven, granted the employee returns to work full-time in the position studied for a required specified time period. The number of scholarship loans granted each year may vary depending upon need and the number of applicants.

Application Process:

Download application and follow all instructions provided on the application.
Submit completed application electronically to
Candidates will be required to interview with program manager and a panel comprised of leaders in area of specialty. 
Selection of program recipients will be based on academic achievement, prior experience, references and personal interviews.

Links to Program Documents:

Cone Health Academic Scholarship Loan Program – Guidelines & Application

Cone Health Academic Scholarship Loan Program – Reference Form

Contact for additional information:

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