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Bereavement Care

While pregnancy and childbirth are joyous times for many, for those who suffer the loss of a pregnancy or infant, it can be an extraordinarily difficult time. We at Women’s Hospital unite our hearts with our patients, families, and others who are affected by such a profound loss. As a sign of our compassion and respect, we place a white rose on the door of a patient who has lost her infant.

Just as people experience a pregnancy differently, so too do we grieve, remember, honor, and hope. It’s common to experience a wide range of emotions – sorrow, longing, anger, resentment, relief, guilt, envy or more – which may come in waves. Each of us processes our feelings in different ways, too. Often, grief from one situation surfaces past feelings of loss, death, regret or disappointment. It’s important to remember that feelings are real whether or not they seem to “make sense” in the moment.

As families and other loved ones go through this process, it’s often helpful to have support. That’s why Women’s Hospital offers a Comfort Program for those affected by the loss of a baby. Chaplains from our Department for Spiritual Care and Wholeness are especially sensitive to the support people need during this time of loss.

If you or a loved one may find it helpful to talk with a compassionate listener in person or by phone – no matter how much time has passed – we welcome you to reach out. If we are not available when you call, we will return your call as soon as possible.

Women’s Hospital Comfort Program

Hours: 8:30 am – 4:00 pm, Monday – Friday

Chaplain Katy Claussen:

Chaplain Lisa Lundeen:

Phone: (336) 832-6882

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