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Financial Assistance Programs

Since our inception, Cone Health’s mission has been to provide exceptional care for all the people in our community, regardless of their ability to pay. We understand that there are circumstances when the costs associated with receiving the care you need may be more than you can afford based on your current income level. That’s why we have established our Financial Assistance Policy and Hardship Settlement Policy.

We understand that this may be a stressful time, so we want to assure you that we are committed to working with you.

Please reference these documents for information regarding financial assistance.

If you have questions or would like more information about our policies:

Call: (336) 832-8014 or 1 (866) 479-8800

Online: Message us on through your account on the PatientCo billing website.

AccessOne MedCard

Cone Health now offers the AccessOne MedCard Plan, which allows patients to extend payment terms past six months. There are no membership fees, no credit reporting, no default interest and no prepayment penalties.

Call (336) 832-8014 or 1 (866) 479-8800 for information on how to apply.