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Electronic Medical Records

Electronic Medical RecordsOur world-class electronic medical record (EMR) system – Cone HealthLink – advances care for our patients.

Cone HealthLink is a fully-integrated EMR that allows physicians to quickly access a patient’s medical history, labs, image scans, medication lists, allergies and other important health information — all within a single, integrated system.

About Cone HealthLink

Cone HealthLink extends our commitment to exceptional care by giving you:

Frequently Asked Questions About Cone HealthLink

What is an electronic medical record (EMR)

An EMR is a computerized version of a paper medical chart. While Cone Health and many local physician practices have been using electronic records for years, our new system will integrate information from different locations and systems together in one chart. You can easily and securely access your EMR through Cone HealthLink, and your EMR can be securely accessed and shared among approved healthcare providers.

What about privacy? Who can see my EMR?

Only medical professionals involved in your treatment have access to your medical records. All health records and information related to the care and treatment of any patient are protected by federal law.

What can I expect during my visit or stay?

You can expect the same excellent patient care that Cone Health has always provided. You may notice physicians, nurses and staff using computers in your treatment or hospital room to document information in your record. These computers are for clinical use only.

As part of Cone HealthLink, we are using barcodes to increase your medication safety. Nurses equipped with medication carts, computers and scanners (similar to those used in grocery stores) will scan barcodes on your hospital bracelet, their employee badges and medication packets. This scanning process is designed to prevent medication errors. If something doesn’t match or is inaccurate, a visual alarm will display on the computer screen alerting the caregiver to check for errors in patient information or medication and/or to look for changes to physician orders.

If I have more questions, who do I ask?

We encourage you to talk with your nurse, doctor or any member of your care team.


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