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Cancers We Treat

Cancer is a complex disease and the landscape is constantly changing with improvements in treatment and technologies. To provide the best care, the Cone Health Cancer Center has specialists focused on specific types of cancers. Medical and radiation oncologists, surgeons, radiologists and others all collaborate together to identify more effective treatment tools and methods. We offer a team approach to help the outcome of the individual patient.

Cone Health remains committed to providing you with the best treatment options, experienced professionals that result in outstanding outcomes and exceptional care. We are a leader in North Carolina in oncology care, having provided many firsts in oncology technologies and techniques for the state. While our oncology professionals diagnose and treat all types of cancers, we are specialized in the following cancer treatments:

Because the standard of care is always evolving, your Cone Health oncology team is the best resource in providing information about the latest treatments; care plans, research studies and even experimental clinical trials. To learn more or to schedule an appointment, please call (336) 832.1100.

Schedule An Appointment

Schedule An Appointment

To learn how to schedule an appointment to be seen in our Oncology Services Center of Excellence, please call toll-free at 866.822.8740.

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