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Our collaborative, multidisciplinary approach to the treatment of gastrointestinal cancer means you have ready access to physicians who are highly regarded and board certified in the medical specialties important to your diagnosis.  Together they participate in regular gastrointestinal cancer care conferences to make certain no treatment option is overlooked.  Patient cases are reviewed and discussed in detail.  In addition, a working group of the many medical disciplines involved in the care of gastrointestinal cancers meets monthly to ensure the highest quality of patient care. 

Gastroenterologists use their specialized knowledge of the digestive track and skills to diagnose and stage cancers of the upper and lower gastrointestinal track. 

Genetics Counselors work with newly diagnosed cancer patients to determine whether they carry an inherited gene mutation that will impact their treatment plan. 

Medical Oncologists oversee every aspect of your care and ensure you receive comprehensive monitoring, counseling and support – from initial diagnosis through treatment and recovery. These specialists use a variety of powerful, effective medications to treat your cancer and any associated pain, including chemotherapy, hormones and analgesics.

Pathologists confirm your cancer diagnosis and provide physicians with detailed information that guides the treatment you receive from our multidisciplinary team.

Radiation Oncologists and Interventional Radiologists use the latest technologies available to diagnose cancers and to deliver treatments to kill cancer cells, shrink tumors and provide symptom relief – while protecting the surrounding healthy tissue. 

Surgeons on our treatment team offer ready access to some of the latest and most advanced procedures in the treatment of gastrointestinal cancers, including the Whipple procedure, minimally invasive surgeries, transanal endoscopic surgeries and other procedures typically accessible only at major medical teaching centers. 

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Schedule An Appointment

To learn how to schedule an appointment to be seen in our Oncology Services Center of Excellence, please call toll-free at 866.822.8740.

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