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Clinical Trials

Cone Health Cancer Center has been offering nationally accredited clinical trials since its beginnings. Assisting the medical community in finding breakthroughs in treatment options is a focus at Cone Health.

Taking part in a clinical trial can be a difficult decision to make. It’s important to understand all of the options available before making that decision. The choice to participate is a joint decision between you, those close to you and your medical team. It’s important to realize that a clinical trial has benefits and possible drawbacks as well.

What are clinical trials and why are they important?

Clinical trials are research studies that involve people. These studies test new ways to prevent, detect, diagnose or treat diseases. People who take part in cancer clinical trials help researchers learn more about cancer and develop improved treatments. The treatments that patients receive today are based on the results of past clinical trials.

Our clinical trials are sponsored by the National Cancer Institute (NCI), as well as private industry. With an average of 40 trials open at any one time, our patients may enroll in national trials in the Greensboro area rather than traveling to cancer centers in other parts of the state or the country.

How does Cone Health select which trials to offer patients?

All clinical trials are reviewed by the sponsors before Cone Health accepts the trial to ensure the highest standards. There are two additional levels of review which includes review by the Cancer Center physicians and an Institutional Review Board (IRB) – either an internal or external IRB review. Our focus is to ensure each trial is ethical and safe to perform. All trial protocols must receive IRB approval before patient enrollment.

Who takes care of me when I’m taking part in a clinical trial?

During the clinical trial, the regular medical team and a member of the Cone Health Cancer Center research team assists the patient. A research nurse is assigned to each patient to guide them through the clinical trial. This expert monitors the progress of the patient during their enrollment and even continues to monitor the patient after the trial ends.

For additional information, please call (336) 832-0821.

For more information and additional resources.

There are many additional resources for you to learn more about clinical trials at the Cancer Center.

For information specific to trials conducted at the Cone Health Cancer Center, please contact our Oncology Clinical Trials Department at (336) 832-0821 or speak directly with your Cone Health Oncologist.

The following websites also offer valuable information about the benefits of clinical trials:


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Did You Know?

We are a founding member of a Southeast Clinical Oncology Research Consortium initiative to match community physicians with academic researchers working on national clinical trials. This affiliation helps us expand the opportunities we offer you.