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A Scalpel-Free Approach for Treating Complex Cancers

TruBeamCone Health is the first in North Carolina and among the first in the nation to offer TrueBeam STx, one of the most advanced digital radiation systems in the world. By having this state-of-the-art technology at Cone Health, our patients are able to remain closer to home for specialized treatments.

Our TrueBeam STx real-time guidance system analyzes more than 100,000- data points for laser-guided treatment while its table moves and tilts to comfortably and precisely align the body for each treatment. Such precision allows for higher doses of radiation to be used, which can improve the chances of successful treatment while reducing the number of treatments and lowering the risk for complications.

The TrueBeam STx system allows our physicians to perform scalpel-free surgeries using a very high, very precise dose of radiation. This ultra-precise technology, known as stereotactic radiotherapy, allows our radiation oncologists to treat brain tumors, brain lesions and other neurological disorders. Often, results using TrueBeam STx are better than traditional surgery with the added advantage of minimally impacting surrounding tissue.

The patient experience

You can dock an iPod and listen to music while a laser-guided treatment table moves and tilts to align your body precisely for each treatment.  And you will find that TrueBeam procedures are extremely fast.  Even the most complex radiosurgeries can typically be completed in less than an hour.  Many treatments take only a minute or two. 

Honor Or Remember Someone Special

Honor Walkway

Honor or remember a loved one touched by cancer with a permanent message on the Honor Walkway at the Cone Health Cancer Center.

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