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Your Care Team

At Cone Health Cancer Center, you’re at the center of an extensive team of specialists who join together to provide coordinated care for your mind, body and spirit.

Nurse Navigator

In many cases, the nurse navigator is the first person you’ll talk with at Cone Health Cancer Center. Your nurse navigator—a registered nurse with years of experience caring for people affected by cancer—is your advocate, educator, cheerleader, guide and care coordinator. Count on him or her to help you:

  • Get to the right appointments at the right time
  • Understand your specific diagnosis and treatment options
  • Communicate with your doctors
  • Access educational materials
  • Find community resources
  • Cope with emotional challenges
  • Manage side effects and symptoms
  • Get answers when you’re not sure who to call

You’ll see your navigator at your first Cancer Center appointment and build a relationship throughout your cancer journey, especially as you reach important milestones, such as your first and last treatments.

Our Navigators

      Multidisciplinary Care Team

      You’ll work with a wide range of doctors, nurses, therapists and other care providers during your cancer journey. Depending on your condition, need, and overall treatment plan, your Cone Health Cancer Center care team may include:

      • Medical oncologists – Oversee and coordinate your care from diagnosis through treatment, recovery and beyond; treat cancer using chemotherapy, hormone therapy and immunotherapy
      • Radiation therapy specialists
        • Radiation oncologists – Use targeted radiation therapy to kill cancer cells, shrink tumors and provide symptom relief
        • Medical dosimetrists – Design a treatment plan to safely and accurately deliver your prescribed dose of radiation
        • Radiation physicists – Ensure you receive the correct amount of radiation during treatment
        • Radiation therapists – Administer external beam radiation therapy
        • Surgical oncologists – Treat cancer with surgery by removing tumors or other cancerous cells; may also biopsy possible cancer areas and provide chemotherapy access ("ports") for drug delivery
        • Clinical social workers – Connect you with community resources and help you cope
        • Genetic counselors – Help you understand your risk of an inherited gene mutation and advise you regarding testing as appropriate
        • Diagnostic radiologists – Perform and review imaging tests to help diagnose your condition
        • Dietitians – Help you develop a diet to support the best possible treatment outcomes
        • Financial advocates – Assist with finding local, state and federal sources of financial assistance; at Alamance Regional Medical Center, this team member is referred to as a patient services navigator
        • Interfaith chaplains – Offer spiritual and emotional support
        • Massage therapists – Relieve stress and pain
        • Oncology nurses – Provide physical care, support and education
        • Oncology nurse navigator – Serves as your care coordinator and advocate
        • Oncology nurse practitioners (NPs) – May perform physical exams, help you manage symptoms and coordinate care
        • Oncology pharmacists – Help you get the most benefit from medications while minimizing side effects
        • Palliative care team – Partner with you to define goals of care as well as ease pain and other symptoms
        • Pathologists – Examine cells and tissues to determine the specific cancer diagnosis
        • Psychologists – Offer supportive counseling and therapy
        • Research nurses – Provide care and guidance to patients enrolled in a clinical trial
        • Rehabilitation therapists – Help you maintain or regain strength, function and independence

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