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Employee Health & Wellness

Your employees do their best work when they’re well in body and mind. Employee Health & Wellness at Cone Health—your local medical care provider—helps you choose, manage and retain workers who contribute to your organization’s success.

Employer Services

When you choose Cone Health, you benefit from a community member who knows local workplace regulations and already cares for many of your employees. Rely on us for:

Why Use Health & Wellness Programs?

Taking advantage of Cone Health services lets employees know you care about their well-being. Research shows well-implemented occupational medicine programs can cut organizations’ health insurance costs and reduce absenteeism. Studies have also found that workers in health and wellness programs exercise more often, eat better and experience improved health outcomes.


Gibsonville, NC

Partnership is ‘Win-Win’ for Town

Economic benefit isn’t the only reason the Town of Gibsonville emphasizes employee wellness, says May Hill, human resources officer. “We really care about our folks being whole physically, emotionally and financially.”

Gibsonville has an active health and wellness committee and newsletter, nutritional counseling, lunch and learns, an onsite nurse and more.

“As a town, it’s our responsibility to be good stewards of citizens’ tax dollars and to support our employees, who appreciate prompt access to no-cost health care and medical professionals as needed,” Hill says. “Our relationship with Cone Health has been a win-win for us.”

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