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LeBauer Cardiovascular Research Foundation

In 1991, Drs. Bruce Brodie and Tom Stuckey co-founded  LeBauer Cardiovascular Research Foundation to promote clinical research in cardiovascular medicine.

Cardiovascular ResearchOur founders believed that patient care could be significantly enhanced by contributing to scientific advancements, networking with other exceptional institutions, and promoting the highest clinical guideline standards. That belief in the importance of clinical research remains today.

Since the beginning, our Foundation has been dedicated to promoting excellence in clinical research in an environment where our patients’ welfare is our top priority. In addition, our staff – and therefore our patients –benefit from excellent opportunities for professional growth and education.

Cardiovascular ResearchWe have successfully conducted more than 300 clinical trials. The impact has been profound: We make significant strides in our patients’ quality of care, especially the treatment of heart disease.  We access leading-edge medical and academic research to provide the people of our communities with the latest technology and treatments, often many years before approval for general use.

When selecting clinical trials we focus first on enhancing the compassionate care and successful treatment for all our patients. We seek the best opportunities to help evaluate clinical dilemmas for which the best treatment options may be unclear. And, we assess new technologies with the highest potential for advancing treatments.