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Parkinson's Disease and Movement Disorders

Movement Disorders Team

Find comprehensive medical, therapeutic and psychological services for Parkinson’s disease and other movement disorders at Cone Health. You and your family will gain access to resources and expertise that help you reach your potential.

Conditions We Treat

How We Can Help

Your doctor may recommend one or more of these services:

Intensive Therapy for Parkinson’s Patients

At the Cone Health Neurorehabilitation Center, you’ll benefit from specialized treatment that includes evidence-based programs such as:

  • LSVT LOUD® – Helps you amplify your voice and feel comfortable speaking louder
  • LSVT BIG® – Trains you to move more expressively
  • PWR!® (Parkinson’s Wellness Recovery) – Uses exercise, education and enrichment activities to reduce symptoms and improve quality of life

Balance Better, Walk Faster

Evidence shows Cone Health’s Parkinson’s disease program improves patient outcomes. Before participating in our program, 70 percent of patients in 2013 were at high risk for falls. Afterward, only 36 percent faced a high risk of falling.

At the start of our program, only 58 percent of patients in 2013 could walk at full community walking speed (2.6 feet per second). After completing our program, 87 percent could walk that fast—making it easier for them to get safely to the store, church or another destination.

To Seek Services

To seek services with a Cone Health Movement Disorders specialist, have your physician contact:

Dr. Rebecca Tat

LeBauer Neurology
301 E. Wendover Avenue, Suite 211
Greensboro, NC
Phone:  (336) 832-3070
Fax:  (336) 832-3075

Cone Health Neurorehabilitation Center
912 Third Street, Suite 102
Greensboro, NC 27405
Phone:  (336) 271-2054
Fax: (336) 271-2058

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