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Pediatric Rehabilitation

Pediatric TherapyCone Health offers a comprehensive, family-centered approach to physical, occupational and speech therapy for children.

Our caring pediatric therapists strive to provide a fun, challenging program that maximizes the outcome for your child. We encourage you to attend therapy sessions with your child, and we provide a tailored home program that can be used to further your child’s progress.

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What We Treat

We help infants, preschoolers and school-age children who need treatment for:

  • Developmental delays.
  • Sensory-motor deficits.
  • Gait abnormalities.
  • Orthopedic problems.
  • Fine and gross motor skills deficits.
  • Language disorders.
  • Speech fluency disorders.
  • Speech articulation disorders.
  • Feeding problems.
  • Swallowing problems.
  • Neurological disorders.
  • Muscle imbalances.

Additional Services

Many of our highly trained, licensed staff members have additional training in the following areas:

  • Oral motor intervention.
  • Sensory integration treatment.
  • Handwriting development.
  • Visual motor integration training.
  • Orthotics fitting.
  • Pediatric splinting.
  • Wheelchair and adaptive seating.
  • Prompts for Restructuring Oral Motor Phonetic Targets (PROMPT) Program.

Free Screenings

Pediatric RehabWe offer quick 15-minute screenings in the areas of fine motor skills (e.g., handwriting and attention to tasks, etc.); sensory processing skills (e.g., over/under responsive to things, difficulty responding to stimulation and poor body awareness, etc.); gross motor skills (e.g., crawling, walking, jumping and ball skills, etc.); and speech and language skills (e.g., talking and understanding, etc.). Children ages 3 months to 10 years are eligible for our free screenings.

For more information and to schedule a screening, call (336) 274-7956.

Referral and Contact Information

A physician’s referral is necessary before an initial evaluation can be performed. We make every effort to schedule appointments that meet your needs.

Cone Health participates in Medicaid as well as most major health insurance and managed care plans.

Our Pediatric Rehabilitation Program is located at our Outpatient Rehabilitation Center at Church Street. Our address is 1904 N. Church Street in Greensboro. For more information, call (336) 274-7956.

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