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Sickle Cell Medical Center

Sickle Cell Medical Center

Understanding sickle cell and ensuring the most comprehensive treatment that enhances the quality of life for the more than 400 local individuals living with the disease is the mission of the Cone Health Sickle Cell Medical Center.

The Sickle Cell Medical Center is a dedicated Cone Health Medical Group Primary Care Practice that serves sickle cell patients. Its staff provides general care, service, triage for people living with sickle cell. With the majority of the patients having this disease, the staff is experienced and specialized in the treatment and care of sickle cell. Patients are offered direct access to distinct treatment measures and protocols for the best pain management, hydration, infusion and support.

Primary Care Practice

People living with sickle cell have access to physicians dedicated to their primary care at the Sickle Cell Medical Center.  -more

Support & Resources

From education to community support, learn more about resources available to people living with sickle cell. -more

Charitable Giving

Charitable donations are used to help provide resources to people in need and suffering from sickle cell. -more

Contact Us

Contact Us by Phone

For more information or to make an appointment at the Sickle Cell Medical Center, call (336) 832-1970.

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