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Programs for YOU and your BABY

From the first days of pregnancy to your little one’s first steps, Cone Health educators are here to help guide your way to a happy and healthy baby.

Classes taught by certified instructors are available on a variety of topics including childbirth, infant care, parenting, breastfeeding, infant CPR, and more.

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  • Exploring Pain Relief Options & Cesareans

    Topics for this 2 hour class include the latest updated information on epidurals, pain medication and other medical interventions that you may experience during labor or birth. This class also prepares expectant parents for the possibility of a surgical birth of their baby. Our family-centered care continues through the operating and recovery rooms for both planned and unplanned c-sections. Register only the mom-to-be and your partner can attend with you! ***PLEASE NOTE: This class is included in the "Birth & Baby" series and the "Condensed Birth & Baby" classes. It is NOT included in "A Natural Childbirth", so we highly recommend Natural Childbirth participants register for this class as well.

  • Feelings After Birth

    ‘Feelings after Birth’ supports moms who are having difficulty adjusting to the challenges of life after the birth of a baby. A Registered Nurse is prepared to support and guide you toward resources to help you take care of yourself as you transition into motherhood. It's held at Women's Hospital Education Center at 10:00am every Thursday morning. Babies welcome. No registration or fee.

  • Fit 4 Two (Postnatal Yoga and Pilates)

    Need to get back into shape after baby is born? Help reduce stress? Come to our baby friendly (birth to crawling) exercise classes. Yoga classes are held on Mondays at 10:45am. Postnatal Pilates classes are held on Tuesdays at 10:45am and Fridays at 11:30am. Register in person at Women's Hospital Education Center, Perinatal Education office prior to class participation. Written approval from your care-provider required after the birth of your baby. Fee is $30 per 4 weeks. For more information, call 832-6682.

  • Fit 4 Two (Prenatal Yoga and Pilates)

    These classes are for all trimesters of your pregnancy! You will learn safe and effective exercises that help build strength, flexibilty and help reduce stress. Prenatal yoga is held every Monday at 9:30am and Fridays at 10:15am. Bring yoga mat. Prenatal Pilates is held every Tuesday at 9:30am. Bring pillows. Register in person at Women's Hospital Education Center, Perinatal Education office prior to class participation. Written approval from care-provider required for prenatal classes and again after delivery. Fee is $30 per 4 weeks. For more information, call 832-6682.

  • Grandparent Love

    Expecting a grandbaby? This class is for you! Learn about the latest infant care and safety recommendations and ways to give your own child support as he or she transitions into the parenting role. Taught by Registered Nurses who are childbirth instructors, but most importantly...they are grandmothers too!

  • Infant and Child CPR

    Parents, grandparents, babysitters, and friends learn Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation skills for infants and children. You will also learn how to treat both conscious and unconscious choking in infants and children. This Family & Friends program does not offer certification. Register each participant individually to ensure that enough mannequins are available.

  • Marvelous Multiples

    Expecting twins, triplets, or more? This class covers the differences in labor, birth, parenting, and breastfeeding issues that face multiples’ parents.

  • Preparing for 9 Special Months

    The stick is pink...or blue!!! Register online now for an early start to a healthy pregnancy! This class is designed to help you and your partner map out the healthiest course possible for your pregnancy and developing baby. Plan to take this class when you are between 10-20 weeks pregnant. Register only mom-to-be and plan for your partner to attend with you! Topics include: •Nutrition with a healthy food tasting segment •Exercise •Stress Reduction •Your changing body •Your growing baby •Choosing a Pediatrician •Preparing a safe environment for baby •Things to avoid during pregnancy

  • Waterbirth Class

    Interested in a waterbirth? This informational class will help you discover whether waterbirth is the right fit for you. Education about waterbirth itself, supplies you would need and how to assemble your support team is what you can expect from this class. Some obstetrical practices require this class in order to pursue a waterbirth. (Not all obstetrical practices offer waterbirth-check with your healthcare provider.) Register only the expectant mom, but you are encouraged to bring your partner to class!

  • What about Mommy?

    This group was created especially for new moms as they support each other through the personal and family adjustments that occur after a baby’s birth. Sharing the joys and challenges of motherhood in a relaxed atmosphere can be very helpful for postpartum mothers who are asking, “What about Mommy?” Join us each Tuesday at 10:00am at Women’s Hospital Education Center. Babies welcome. No registration or fee.

Page of 3, showing items 11-20 of 21.