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For Parents

NICU ParentsCongratulations on the birth of your baby! We want to support you and your baby throughout your Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) journey.

We believe in patient- and family-centered care. You are your baby’s primary support system and you are an essential part of the team caring for your baby. We want to partner with you, and we welcome your input. We encourage you to ask questions and be as involved as possible as your baby grows stronger and healthier.

You are your infant’s best advocate. The more you understand about your baby’s condition and care, the more comfortable you will feel when your baby goes home.

Getting updates on your baby and contacting care team

The bedside nurse will be the main source of informational updates regarding your baby’s progress and plan of care. You may call anytime for updates. 

  • How to call: To get updates about your baby, please call 832-6561. There will be times when your baby’s nurse is unable to speak with you and you may need to call back at a later time. When speaking to a nurse, you will be asked to provide a code to get access to information. 

  • Rounds:  The medical team (including the neonatologist, neonatal nurse practitioner, nurse in charge, dietician, pharmacist, and bedside nurse) will “make rounds” every day starting at 10 a.m. During rounds, the medical team discusses each baby’s progress and makes a plan for the day including any changes in medications, respiratory support and nutrition. Parents are encouraged to take an active role in rounds as a member of the care team. 

  • Family Conference:  A meeting with your baby’s care team can be scheduled at your request by contacting the social worker. In some instances the care team may request a family conference with you. We want to make sure that you are well-informed about your baby’s plan of care.

Be involved in your baby’s care

Participating during medical rounds gives parents a way to listen to the members of the medical team discuss your baby’s progress as they make plans for the day. We encourage your participation not only on rounds, but also in daily care activities such as feeding, changing a diaper and bath time.

Bonding with your baby

Creating emotional bonds with your baby is very important. Touching and holding your baby is encouraged as soon as your baby is able. Nurses, physical therapists and lactation consultants are available to help you in activities such as skin-to-skin holding, learning your baby’s cues and providing breast milk for your baby if you wish to do so. Parents are encouraged to participate in daily care activities that will also help create a positive emotional attachment.

Ask questions and ask for help

We understand that having a child in the NICU can be a difficult and stressful time for families.  As we care for your child on his/her NICU journey, we want to provide support to your baby, as well as to you, the family. Our NICU Care Team is committed to patient and family-centered care and can provide resources such as support programs to help you during this difficult time. Please feel free to talk openly about your emotions and ask for information on resources that are available.