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Outpatient Medical and Developmental Clinic

NICU BabyBabies who are born under a certain age or weight qualify for these exceptional services. These really are fun times during which we can give you a good sense about how your baby is doing from a developmental standpoint. Both clinics are held on the ground floor of Women’s Hospital in the outpatient clinics. The phone number for the clinics is (336) 832-4777.

Medical Follow-Up Clinic

At this appointment, your baby will be seen by physical therapy for a quick developmental screen. In addition, you will see the NICU dietician to see how your baby is growing and one of the neonatologists for a general exam. 

Developmental Follow-Up Clinic

Developmental Clinic is a place where physical therapy staff and others can continue to follow your baby’s progress up to age 2. These visits concentrate more specifically on developmental progress with more therapists and specialists. These specialists can assess your baby and give great suggestions that help your baby learn new skills and develop.