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  • Breastfeeding Support Group

    This group is a mother-to-mother support circle where moms have the opportunity to share their breastfeeding experiences. A Lactation Consultant is present for questions and concerns. An infant scale is available for weight checks. This service is FREE and no appointment is needed. (Meets in the Women’s Hospital Education Center each Tuesday at 11:00am and each Monday at 7:00pm)

  • Breastfeeding Your Baby

    Breastfeeding is a special time for mother and child. Like any new skill, breastfeeding will be more successful with early preparation and practice. This class will help you feel ready to begin this important relationship. Your partner is encouraged to attend with you. This class meets for two consecutive weeks. Week 1- Learn what to expect in the first days of breastfeeding your newborn. This class will help you feel more confident with the skills needed to begin your breastfeeding experience. Week 2- Many new mothers are concerned about breastfeeding after leaving the hospital. This class will address the most common fears and challenges about breastfeeding during the first few weeks, months and beyond. We will build on the skills learned in week 1. (If you select a 9:00am-12:00pm class, all information from week one and week two will be covered in one class.)