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Cone Health's on-demand wellness videos provide valuable health information and for the first three days following the release, viewers will also have the opportunity to submit questions to the speaker featured in the video.


Let’s Get Moving: Exercises for Aching Joints

Jennifer Paa, MSPT
Aching joints may keep exercise off your to-do list. But it shouldn’t. With the right moves, you can improve your health, including increased flexibility, greater mobility and less pain. Join Jennifer Paa, a physical therapist with Cone Health Outpatient Rehabilitation, to learn exercises that will get you moving and improve your health.

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What to Do About Bullying

Miriam Sevilla Saez-Benito, MD
Bullying is no joking matter. One out of four students is bullied during the school year. Every seven minutes a child is bullied on the playground. Up to 43 percent of students have been bullied online. Can you recognize if a child you know is being bullied or may be the bully? Join Miriam Sevilla Saez-Benito, MD, a child and adolescent psychiatrist with Cone Health Behavioral Health Services and member of Cone Health Medical Group, to learn the warning signs and what you can do about bullying.

Available November 8, 2016