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Fight Back Against Colds and Flu

Sore throat, fever, headache, runny nose…are just a few of the dreaded symptoms of colds and flu. What can you do to stay healthy during cold and flu season? 

Fight Back Against Colds and Flu

The following question was submitted to Dr. Tabori by a video viewer.

Question:  How long should you wait to see a doctor to make sure it's not the flu? I had it last year - too late to use drug for flu. 

Answer:  It is recommended that if you have sudden onset of illness with fever, it is advisable to see your doctor within 1-3 days so that if needed or appropriate, you can be started on the appropriate antiviral medicati

About Our Expert

Dr. Katherine Tabori

Katherine Tabori, MD

Family Medicine, LeBauer Primary Care at MedCenter High Point.

Katherine Tabori, MD, a Cone Health Medical Group provider, is board certified in family medicine.  She enjoys caring for every member of the family, from newborn babies up through and including great-grandparents.

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