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About Our Provider Ratings and Comments

Cone Health Medical Group (CHMG) is focused on delivering exceptional care to the patients of the communities we serve. Our approach to interactions with those in our care is designed to create 5-star patient experiences for all. So that we remain aware of what is going well and what may need to be improved, CHMG asks individual patients to provide ratings and comments about their personal experiences. As part of our ongoing commitment to 5-star patient experiences for you and your family, CHMG now posts providers’ patient satisfaction ratings and comments online.

Where the Ratings Come From

CHMG works with Press Ganey, which is the company that administers our patient experience survey. Press Ganey surveys are grounded in scientific rigor, developed by conducting focus groups of providers and administrators, reviewing surveys and survey results from medical organizations across the U.S., reviewing current professional and scientific publications on health care delivery, and utilizing the latest research on survey statistics and design. The Medical Practice survey used by CHMG is a Press Ganey proprietary survey that measures a patient’s experience of care in the medical practice setting with a physician or non-physician (e.g., physician assistant, nurse practitioner) provider.

What Are the Survey Questions?

The Medical Practice survey asks patients to evaluate how well their provider communicated, listened, and showed courtesy and respect toward them. A raw data score and ranking on a 5-star scale for each provider is used to evaluate patients’ overall perception of care and to identify areas for improvement.

The responses to the questions below in the provider-specific domain of the Medical Practice survey are used to calculate star ratings.

  • Concern the care provider showed for your questions or worries
  • Explanations the care provider gave you about your problem or condition
  • Care provider’s efforts to include you in decisions about your care
  • Care provider’s discussion of any proposed treatment (options, risks, benefits, etc.)
  • Likelihood of your recommending this care provider to others

Who Receives the Survey?

The survey is randomly sent to patients who have seen a Cone Health Medical Group provider in an outpatient practice. Those who are randomly selected receive a survey from Press Ganey within a few days following their appointments. Patients are asked to complete the survey and provide comments regarding specific aspects of care. We value this feedback and use it to continue toward our goal of exceptional care and 5-star experiences for all our patients.

Can anyone complete a survey?

No. Only patients having an outpatient visit with a Cone Health Medical Group provider are eligible to be selected to receive a survey.

Are all comments published?

We share both positive and negative feedback. However, we do screen comments to ensure they do not contain patient health information or language that is libelous or contains profanity. Any comments containing either of these elements are withheld from publishing.

How is patient information protected?

Star ratings and comments remove patient names and any other personally identifiable information prior to publishing.

Why aren’t there ratings and comments for every provider?

Ratings and comments are published only for providers who are employed by Cone Health Medical Group and who practice in an outpatient setting. Additionally, the providers must currently be on the electronic medical record system used by CHMG. For accuracy, each provider must have a minimum of 30 patient survey responses before his/her ratings appear online.

This minimum threshold ensures that you have a more complete snapshot about patient experiences with an individual provider.