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Apply for a Grant or Sponsorship

Cone Health is a private, not-for-profit organization which was established to serve the community by providing a full range of health care services distinguished by measurable excellence. The founding principles of community service and superior patient care are the cornerstones of the organization. One of the ways we embrace our responsibility to promote health and well-being is by partnering with organizations in our community and beyond.

Often Cone Health is asked to support community programs, events, and initiatives. We have dedicated significant resources to these efforts and take a system-wide, inclusive approach to the decision-making process around sponsorships, grants, and volunteer commitments.

Eligibility requirements and important dates will be listed on the top of each request form. Please complete the appropriate request form by clicking on one of the links below. Note: Any request over $10,000 should be considered a grant.


A sponsorship is most often a one-time commitment linked to ONE event that provides both marketing and engagement opportunities, e.g. volunteering, tickets, etc.

Apply for a Sponsorship


A grant is most often linked to supporting operations, a special project or a capital campaign that has measurable outcomes. A grant could be a multi-year commitment.

Apply for a Grant

Giving Values


We help patients and other members of our communities avoid becoming ill or identifying disease early enough to treat it successfully. Investing in prevention reduces costly outcomes in the future and enhances the quality of life for everyone.


We strive to ensure all members of our communities are able to access medical care to maintain health, prevent and manage disease. For this to succeed, barriers such as language, cultural variations and physical features must be removed so patients can build lifelong relationships with their health providers and health care system.

Outstanding Patient Outcomes

To ensure care is delivered at the highest level, we provide the latest treatment protocols, equipment and training for medical and support staff. This means each patient is cared for in the most personal way to restore health and has a partner to develop a better quality of life.

Support in Times of Challenge

Recovering from illness and maintaining optimum health requires stable finances and living conditions. Te ensure patients without these resources or who face personal and family crises have the same opportunity for outstanding patient outcomes, financial assistance is provided for ordinary living and related expenses.