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Design Thinking and Innovation

Design Thinking

At Cone Health, we promise to be right here with you. This promise reflects who we are as a brand - which at its core, is a network of humans caring for other humans - and it drives everything we design.

Through human-centered design, we strive to understand all of the people, places and things that make up our ecosystem of care, so that we can design innovative solutions to help that ecosystem thrive.

Cone Health’s Design & Innovation team helps healthcare leaders and innovators translate human-centered insights into transformative design.  

Our designers, partners and communities have unique perspectives, experiences and challenges. We bring them all together in a customized, collaborative human-centered design process that reveals insights and opportunities.

We use immersive research to help teams uncover human-centered insights that help them better understand their colleagues, customers and communities. We use creative storytelling to help teams recognize the opportunity that design and insights hold. And we help teams make insights actionable, through strategic solutions and development that empower our communities to become healthier and happier.