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Greensboro Hospital Services Reinvented

Reinventing CareAt Cone Health we are committed to delivering unsurpassed health care experiences for our patients and communities. Guided by that commitment and our intent to lead in delivering integrated, innovative health care we have embarked on a multi-year journey to update our hospitals in Greensboro.

Our “Reinventing Care” journey is a collaborative process that brings architectural and health care experts from across the country together with Cone Health’s extraordinary physician partners, employees, patients and community members to inform the design, construction and renovation of our hospitals. We are creating state of the art facilities to support medical advances and continue providing world class care for our communities

We want to keep you informed about the new facilities we are creating in Greensboro. Information on this web page provides the most current facts surrounding planned changes to how Cone Health women’s services, behavioral health services and operative services will be offered in the Greensboro area. These changes will occur in stages between 2016 and 2020. We are committed to providing the highest quality care and service to improve the health of our communities for decades to come.

Women's Services

What: Cone Health is proud to advance a tradition of exceptional women’s health services valued by our community. We are committed to making health care for women and families even better by creating a 195,678 square foot facility connected to the south side of The Moses H. Cone Memorial Hospital. The Women's & Children's Center at Moses Cone Hospital will have its own entrance, separate elevators and a separate parking area for patients and families. We have involved more than 1,000 patients, employees and physician partners in work to design this facility. Our objective is to recreate the special environment of Women's Hospital while also enhancing quality and health care experiences for our patients and their families.


  • Locates women's and children's services to the same campus, which will bring improved quality and convenience to the community.
  • Brings women closer to the specialists and advanced services available at Moses Cone Hospital, while maintaining the special environment that Women’s Hospital offers women across the Triad.
  • Transforms the design of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) to enable greater family privacy and personalized care.  Adds needed NICU beds (45 beds vs. 36 currently) to better accommodate our 6,200 births per year.
  • Enhances care for mothers, babies and families with the redesign of patient rooms, care units and waiting areas driven by insights provided by patients and caregivers.


  • Currently under construction

Neurosciences Services at Moses Cone Hospital

What: Construction of four new state-of-the-art neurosurgical operating rooms and a new intensive care unit.

Neurosciences ExpansionWhy: Cone Health is committed to advancing the nationally recognized neurosciences services it provides in partnership with outstanding physicians. This project creates contemporary operating rooms and intensive care units that enable the continued advancement of treatments for neurological care with a focus on quality, safety, efficiency and patient experience. Advanced technology in these new spaces complements the expertise of our outstanding neurosurgical teams. By locating new neuroscience and trauma intensive care units in the same surgical tower as new operating rooms, neurosurgical patients benefit from quick access and streamlined care.


  • 2017: Opened four new neurosurgical operating rooms and an 18-bed intensive care unit, both part of Moses Cone Hospital’s North Tower.

Wesley Long Hospital and Operative Services

What: Construction of a new 10-room operating suite. The new ORs are located in a combination of new and existing space between the current hospital and the North Elam Medical Center. Wesley Long Operating Services

Why: To create larger, more contemporary facilities and expand pre- and post-surgery areas.


  • Opened in Spring 2018

Behavioral Health Services

Behavioral HealthWhat: Our goal is to improve mental health care in our community through a phased approach to redesign behavioral health services. This includes a relocation of some of these services, so that they are offered not only in a hospital setting, but also on a more geographically dispersed ambulatory basis.

Why: To help mental health patients stay well, get them through the tough times when they need it and return them to productive lives more quickly than ever before.


  • 2017: Opened a new outpatient behavioral health facility in Greensboro.
  • On-going: Planning for the future design of how we will care for behavioral health patients across Cone Health’s entire continuum of care. Further planning to consider a new acute care behavioral health hospital with a location yet to be determined.

Additional Reinventing Care Information

Impact on Staff: We do not expect job losses to result from these projects. We are committed to using turnover and retraining staff during the duration of these projects as needed.

Project Cost: The projects are expected to represent an investment of approximately $160 million.