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Distilling our brand promise - We’re Right Here With You - into three simple, but powerful words: “We’re with you” conveys a promise, an invitation, partnership, hope and so much more. In essence, we are communicating that no matter where you are in your health journey—from an elite athlete in her prime to an elderly man facing a heart condition—you can count on Cone Health for care and support. 

We’re with wellness.
With the idea that how you treat yourself is just as important as how well you’re treated.
With starting a dialogue before reaching a diagnosis.
We’re with change. Gradual and radical.
Like figuring out how to improve the health of our community with reducing the cost of care.
We’re with equality.
With caring as much for a young boy with a case of the sniffles as a recovering stroke patient.
We’re with breakthroughs.
With tiny cameras that can bring huge sighs of relief.
With eyes wide open and valves unshut.
We’re with urgency when needed. With deliberate when required.
We’re with three servings of vegetables to lower your blood pressure
and two scoops of rocky road to lift your spirits.
We’re without judgment.
Without prejudice.
Without hesitation.
We’re with family.
With friends.
With 1 million neighbors.

Cone Health. We’re w/you

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