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IMPORTANT NOTICE: COVID-19 testing appointments are not available at Cone Health emergency departments or urgent care locations. Click here for testing options.

  • Aashka Mehta 3/1/2021

    When COVID-19 set its sights on long term care residents and facilities, Aashka Mehta worked tirelessly to reduce its threat. Learn more about her persistent and heroic efforts

  • Allison Toland 4/30/2021

    When life at home became unimaginably difficult, Allison Toland received support beyond what she ever would have expected. Learn what it really means to be “with you.”

  • Cathy White 2/24/2021

    More than a financial analyst at Cone Health, Cathy was also a cancer patient. Learn how the encouragement and support of her team made a difference.

  • Chad Queen 3/5/2021

    You don’t have to be directly involved with patients to have an enormous impact on patients. Learn more about Chad’s critical role in stopping the spread.

  • Clenton Manderville 3/5/2021

    Making sure hospital units are adequately stocked and supplied is a vital responsibility under typical conditions. Doing so during a pandemic makes it exponentially more critical. Learn how Clenton has stepped up to meet the challenge.

  • Cynthia Snider, MD 3/5/2021

    When faced with uncertainty and fear, our community counted on the perspective, knowledge and calming influence of an infectious disease specialist. Learn just how much Dr. Cynthia Snider has meant to thousands of people.

  • Darren Shell 3/24/2021

    After a 25-year career in an entirely different industry, Darren Shell joined Cone Health with certain expectations. Learn how those expectations continue to be exceeded.

  • DeeDee Jamison 6/1/2021

    DeeDee Jamison has experienced both sides of the ER, as a patient following a near-fatal car crash and as a nurse seeking to provide the most compassionate care possible. Read more to be inspired by her story.

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  • Hilary Ward 3/5/2021

    When it was announced that Cone Health would convert its Green Valley Campus to a facility dedicated to caring for severely ill COVID-19 patients, occupational therapist Hilary Ward didn’t hesitate in volunteering to be involved. See the difference her presence, and positive outlook, made on hundreds of patients and their families.

More Stories

  • Karina Sequeira

    Karina Sequeira

    How does that Journey tune go … “Don’t Stop Believing”? That could also be Karina Sequeira’s theme song. Learn how this member of Alamance Regional Medical Center’s ED patient access team received help in overcoming a financial obstacle and now has her eyes squarely focused on a promising future.
    November 11, 2021
  • Jordan Moore

    Jordan Moore

    A diagnosis of infertility can be physically, emotionally, and financially draining. Which is why Jordan Moore, RN, and her husband were overjoyed to discover that her Cone Health insurance benefits provided relief on all levels. Learn more about this young family’s promising future.
    June 30, 2021