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Child Care Benefits

Child Care Benefits

Cone Health partners with Bright Horizons to manage and provide care for the children of our employees in a loving and nurturing environment at onsite child care centers located at the Alamance Regional Medical Center in Burlington, and Moses Cone Hospital and Wesley Long Hospital campuses in Greensboro. The Woodmont Center is available to employees who live and/or work in the Reidsville area.

Tuition is payroll-deducted and employees earning under $130,000 per year can contribute up to $5,000 pre-tax each year with the remainder as after-tax deductions. A tuition assistance program (TAP) may be available.  If you earn $130,000 or greater in a year, you will be limited to a $3,000 annual pre-tax limit in order for Cone Health to pass the Non-Discrimination testing. The remainder will be after-tax deductions.

For additional information, please call the child care centers:

  • The Children’s Corner, located at The Moses H. Cone Memorial Hospital, 336-832-7997
  • Kid’s Connection, located at Wesley Long Hospital, 336-832-1746
  • The Family Enrichment Center, located at Alamance Regional Medical Center, 336-586-9767
  • The Woodmont Child Development Center, located in Reidsville, 336-342-5597

Bright Horizons Back-Up Care

If your regular caregiver is unavailable, if school is closed for vacations or holidays, your elder relative needs care in his/her home anywhere in the U. S. or if you are transitioning back to work after leave, Back-Up Care provides the highest quality child and/or elder care when and where you need it.

Support your family with up to 10 annual days of back-up child and adult/elder care at subsidized rates. Center-based care is $15/day or $25/family; in-home care is $6/hour.

Bright Horizons

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Bright Horizons Special Needs

Half of today’s workforce provides care for children, 20% with special or exceptional needs such as autism, ADHD and learning disabilities. Bright Horizons Special Needs is the first-of-its-kind education navigation platform that can help redirect caregivers to the education system for services. No medical diagnosis is required. The program also supports common concerns like anxiety, self-esteem, screen time, etc. The program is free for Cone Health employees.

Program highlights include help navigating Special Education and related services that are mandated to be covered by public schools via the Individual with Disabilities Education Act:

  • Speech/language occupational, physical, behavioral therapies. Evaluation services, etc. delivered via Individualized Education Programs (IEPs).
  • Guidance, advocacy and daily management for children with special needs including automation of IEP development and communications.
  • Intelligent education navigation platform with step-by- step guidance augmented by webinars, optional one- on-one services.
  • Covers all special needs, whether hidden or diagnosed, and their impact from birth through young adulthood.
  • Calibrated to state timelines, eligibility requirements, resources.