Higher Education Benefits For Your Children and For You

Bright Horizons College Coach - For Your Child(ren)

You're worried about your child's academic future. What will college cost? Will your child get in? How can you help her succeed in school? Your free College Coach benefit can help you with these concerns and more. Receive expert, insider advice from former college admissions and finance officers, plus former teachers. Get customized college lists and reviews of your child's college admissions essays. Learn proven strategies for the best ways to finance a college education. Visit the College Coach portal to learn more about the services your company provides.

Connect with Bright Horizons College Coach

NC529 Program

A 529 Account is a tax-advantaged way to save and invest for education. 529 funds can be used for two- and four-year college, K-12 tuition, certain student loan payments and more. You have access to this information through the CFNC page.  The code for Cone is 02541

The NC 529 Plan [PDF]

Bright Horizons EdAssist - For You

If you're like most adult learners, you've found that educational choices have changed quite a bit since you were last in school. That’s why your employer has selected Bright Horizons EdAssist Solutions. Through this program, you can access high-quality education programs and take advantage of cost-saving discounts at hundreds of colleges, universities, and other learning providers nationwide.

Let An Education Coach Help You

Highly-trained Education Coaches help you choose a learning program that matches your learning preferences, career objectives and schedule.

College Finance Coaches are experts in all aspects of saving and paying for school, and ready to help you maximize savings and minimize the costs of your education.

How to Register

  1. Go to http://clients.brighthorizons.com/conehealth and scroll down to “Access Educational Support”
  2. Click “Use It”
  3. Click “Sign Up”
  4. Enter - Employer Username: cone; Employer Password: health
  5. Click “Confirm Employer”
  6. Build employee account

Anyone with issues or questions can contact the EdAssist helpline at 1.855.729.5962 or email the Career Development Center at careercenter@conehealth.com for support.

EdAssist Flyer [PDF] | EdAssist FAQs [PDF]

Financial Core

FinancialCore gives you access to leading student loan lenders with exclusive offers to potentially lower your interest rate or monthly payment. In addition, you receive access to financial wellness benefits including:

  • One-on-one student loan & college planning counseling
  • Interactive tools and calculators
  • Financial learning modules
  • Student loan refinancing marketplace

Financial Core Flyer [PDF] | Financial Core FAQs [PDF]

Get Started with Financial Core

Loan & Tuition Support

  • Tuition Assistance: Have you considered going back to school but are unsure how to pay for it? Integrating your education into future career plans may be easier than you think, and we offer reimbursement solutions to help support your learning objectives. Please email conehealth@edassist.com for additional information.
  • Loan Repayment: Statistics show 1 in 4 graduates have incurred debt in pursuit of their educational goals. To help ease the stress of repayment obligations, we have partnered with an institution to offer student loan refinance options.
  • Public Service Loan Forgiveness: Because Cone Health is a qualifying institution, we will assist you in completing your public service loan forgiveness form.