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2022 Vision Benefits

No changes to our Vision plans in 2022. Community Eye Care (CEC) is our administrator and we will still offer two plans – one with an eye exam and one without. Premiums can be found on the myBenefits portal.

Community Eye Care Benefit Summary

  • Non-prescription eyewear is also covered under the CEC plan including sunglasses as long as the purchases are made from an optical shop.
  • No out-of-network penalties. The full benefit of $250 can be used out-of-network. You just have to file for reimbursement to claim the $250 benefit by completing an out-of-network claim online.
  • CEC has an in-network online retailer, if you want to use an online retailer. Upload your picture and “try on” glasses!
  • This is a calendar year benefit and resets every January 1; regardless of when you had your service in the previous year.
  • The vision benefit is fully portable – which means when you leave Cone Health, you can take your vision plan with you for life at your current rate!

Remember: If you have healthcare coverage with Cone Health, your coverage includes an annual eye exam.

You should consider the Comprehensive Plan if:

  • you do not have medical coverage with Cone Health and you’re unsure if an eye exam is covered in your plan.
  • your eye provider is not in your medical plan network.
  • you may need to take advantage of the children’s vision benefit of more than one eye exam per year.
  • you will be retiring from Cone Health and want the Comprehensive Plan to take with you into the future.