The Choice Plan

The Choice Plan is a traditional Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) plan. The administrator of this plan is UMR and the network is United Healthcare Choice Plus which is a national network.

This type of plan allows you to visit any United Healthcare in-network physician or provider you wish without first requiring a referral from a Primary Care Physician. What you pay depends on where you get your care. If your care is provided by a Cone Health or THN provider, your out of pocket costs are lower (see Cone Health Network column below) than if you go to a provider that is in the United Healthcare network but not part of Cone Health or THN (see United Healthcare Choice Plus Network column below). However, your total annual out-of-pocket maximum is the same.

Choice Medical Plan Summary of Benefits Chart

Advantages of the Choice Plan

  • Large nationwide network of healthcare providers; good particularly if you live out of the local area or have children who go to school or live out of state
  • Lower costs for services at a Cone Health or THN physician or Cone Health facility
  • Low deductible
  • Predictable co-pays
    • No cost for e-Visits and Virtual Visits (video/phone). NOTE: A video visit with your personal physician is considered an office visit.
    • Deductible does not apply to prescription drugs

Disadvantages of the Choice Plan

  • Higher premiums
  • Higher Out-Of-Pocket Annual Maximum

Choice Plan - Healthy Lifestyle Premiums

New Employees and Employees with a Change in Status

Employees and spouses are required to complete a Health Assessment, on the MyActiveHealth site, within 30 days to keep the discounted health premiums. Click here to access the MyActiveHealth site. You will need to Create an Account. If you are covering a spouse on the medical plan, your spouse must also Create an Account and complete.

Click on the Choice Plan Chart below to review a summary of how benefits will be paid based on type of service.  This is not an all inclusive list of benefits.  A full summary plan description can be found under Legal Notices.

Choice Plan Chart

Choice Medical Plan Premium Cost Full Time Rates Part Time Rates
Employee Only $89.00 $150.00
Employee +Child(ren) $155.00 $216.00
Employee + Spouse $193.00 $253.00
Employee + Family $250.00 $310.00
Employee + Spouse w/Surcharge $293.00 $353.00
Employee + Family w/Surcharge $350.00 $410.00

*Full time premium cost is .75 to 1.0 FTE – Part time rates  .30 to .74 FTE

*Physicians in a profit and loss business model will pay total cost of medical plan

*Employees who did not complete the Healthy Lifestyle Premium Discount program in 2021 will pay additional $15 per pay period.

*New hires and status change will pay additional $15 per pay period if Health Risk Assessment not completed within 30 days of enrollment

*Surcharge of $100 per pay period is required if your covered spouse has access to coverage with another employer and you opt to cover them on Cone Health’s medical plan. You do not have to pay the surcharge if your spouse is unemployed, self-employed, retired, on Medicare, or is also a benefit eligible Cone Health employee.