Mental Well-Being

Cone Health is right here with you and your family in your mental health and resilience journey. What do we mean when we talk about wholeness? We mean caring for all aspects of your life— physical, mental and spiritual. When these three aspects of life are aligned we are made whole.

Too often we neglect our mental well-being, but it’s important to make the time and put in the effort to care for this area.

Counseling programs, reduced copays and support for physicians and APPs — Cone Health can help with options to fit your schedule and budget so mental well-being becomes part of your life. Our goal is to eliminate mental well-being barriers, equip leaders to support their team members to be whole and provide resources for us to better care for our patients, each other and our community.

Notice: Copays for mental health counseling/therapy services from Cone Health and THN Providers:

2022 Focus Plan: $0 | Choice Plan: $0 | Save Plan: $0 after deductible

Learning To Be Purposeful

Mandy Eaton, EVP, People & Culture and Incoming Chief Operating Officer shares how Cone Health can help you prioritize mental health to ensure you are caring for your mind, body and spirit. Watch the inspiring video below.

“Working in health care is rewarding, satisfying and tough, which is why Cone Health is doing all it can to support employees.” Read more.

More Wellness Journey Videos

Rob Slaughter

Robert Slaughter, PhD, RN

Rob Slaughter, PhD, RN, Executive Director, Clinical Services and Quality, Cone Health Medical Group, works to destigmatize caring for mental health by sharing his own story of living with bipolar disorder and getting help from Cone Health’s Behavioral Health services.

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Tammy Myrick

Tammy Myrick

Prioritizing mental wellness is an essential component of better overall health. Tammy Myrick, director of Marketing, People + Culture, shares how she came to focus on her mental well-being with the help of Cone Health’s Employee Assistance Counseling Program (EACP).

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Well-Being Icons

Articles, News and Resources

Taking care of your whole self means caring for your mental and spiritual well-being as well as your physical health. It also includes reflecting on your experiences to inform your future actions. Below are resources Cone Health offers to help you on your journey to being whole.

Mental Well-Being Online

Smart Phone Apps

From WeCARE, a peer to peer support app for all staff, to Talkspace for online counseling, Cone Health offers a variety of app resources available to employees.

WeCARE: Healthcare Heroes Peer to Peer Support App for All Staff
Users can invite a squad of two to four people to join, then chat in a secure, private space. They can notify their squad when they are feeling down, take daily wellness checks based on PHQ-2 and access a variety of resources and exercises. In the event of crisis, users can drop a GPS pin and alert emergency services. Learn more

Talkspace: Online Counseling — Therapy from Your Device for All Staff
Connect through unlimited voice, text, video and photo messaging or live video sessions daily via a secure, confidential app. With Talkspace, our managed network of licensed therapists support clients daily through a proprietary, secure and HIPAA-compliant digital platform. Clients can engage from any location for general therapy, adolescence counseling, couples therapy or psychiatry. Get the Details

Mental Well-Being Offline

We encourage you to seek care when you need it. Your mental well-being is significantly connected to how you feel overall. Cone Health’s Employee Assistance Counseling Program and Outpatient Behavioral Health Care are always right here with you.

Employee Assistance Counseling (EACP)

Open to all employees and their immediate household family members, services are free and confidential. From individual and group counseling, workshops and more, our EACP team is right here w/you. For detailed Information about EACP and how to book an appointment, you can view more information here or call 336-538-7481.

Outpatient Behavioral Health

Children, adolescents and adults benefit from innovative, evidence-based care. Our experienced psychiatrists, psychologists, physicians, nurses and licensed therapists collaborate to understand your unique needs and to provide treatments to restore your wellbeing. Learn more about all of the services Outpatient Behavioral Health can offer or call 336-832-9800.

Share Your Stories with Us

Have you benefited from mental well-being resources? Tell us about a time when you were struggling and what helped you. Your stories help others know they aren’t alone.

Wellness Matters

  • Authentic Moments w/ Kiva: The Importance of Mental Well-Being

    The Importance of Mental Well-Being

    COVID-19 has left many health care workers feeling drained. Sannyu McDonald Harris, MS, NCC, LCMHC, shares how employees can feel better in mind and spirit.
    April 6, 2021

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