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Have you benefited from mental well-being resources? Tell us about a time when you were struggling and what helped you. Share your stories below to help others know they aren’t alone.

Leadership Tools for Well-Being

When we say that Cone Health is right here with you and your family in your mental health and resilience journey, we know that it starts with leadership. We are offering a number of tools for leaders to use to start conversations with their teams. Leaders should help provide resources, guide employees and create a safe space for them to engage in dialogue. While it is great to offer yourself as a sounding board for employees, the intention is not to solve your team members’ issues but to encourage them to be proactive with their self-care.

Campaign Tools

Achieving wellness is an ongoing, constantly evolving practice. Cone Health understands that, and we know that not everyone finds well-being in the same way. That is why we provide a range of activities for leaders to select from to guide your leadership of employee wholeness. From our Ready, Set, Goal! Workbook to the Conversation Playing Cards and more, use any or all of the tools Cone Health has provided to guide your team members and encourage them to focus on achieving a more balanced take on health — physically, mentally and spiritually.

Leadership Toolkit

Leadership Toolkit

An overview presentation of Cone Health’s mental well-being campaign. With the bigger picture in mind, leaders will be able to plan guidance for their employees accordingly and assist them in prioritizing their mental health. This is emailed directly to leaders.

Ready Set Goal

Ready, Set, Goal! Workbook

This comprehensive workbook includes mental well-being resources, an activity to help determine how balanced team members are mentally, physically and spiritually, and monthly encouragement for setting and achieving goals. Complete with pages to track your well-being progress, Leader Tips are also provided throughout the year, to help guide employees on their self-care journey. Available digitally and physically.

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Hear Me Out CardsConversation Playing Cards

The Hear Me Out playing cards deck is designed to help start meaningful conversations with your employees. Your role as a leader is to communicate the question or activity on the card and evoke open dialogue and communication. The focus is on improving each employees’ mind, body and spirit. Each card is color coded so you can easily identify the category. Leader Tips are provided throughout the deck. Available digitally and physically.


Resources FlyerResources Flyer

The Resources Flyer can be displayed prominently in employee common areas. Counseling programs, reduced copays and support for physicians and APPs — Cone Health can help with options to fit your schedule and budget so mental well-being becomes part of your life. Our goal is to eliminate mental well-being barriers and provide resources for us to better care for our patients, each other and our community.

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Have you benefited from mental well-being resources? Tell us about a time when you were struggling and what helped you. Your stories help others know they aren’t alone.