Mandy Eaton: Learning to Be Purposeful

For Mandy Eaton, EVP, People & Culture and Incoming Chief Operating Officer at Cone Health, recognizing the importance of caring for physical and mental well-being is personal. “Four years ago, we lost are only child, and I recognized I needed to, at times, put my own needs first. That’s incredibly hard for us to do, a lot of us feel like we need to put the needs of those around us first.”  

Eaton adds, “Mental well-being and physical well-being really are pretty connected, but it is difficult sometimes to stay focused on our mental well-being because, frankly, I think a lot of us are attracted to the grind.” 

One thing Eaton found helpful was to make a list of her regular activities with the amount of time she spent on them, then convert that to a pie chart. Doing this helped her increase her awareness of how much time she was spending on things she didn’t care about. “I learned to switch from being busy to being purposeful.” She explains that being purposeful allows her to choose things that are important to her and make time for those things. 

Eaton gives herself permission to be flexible in her schedule, for instance not filling up her weekends with plans. She is also a big advocate for physical activity, with yoga becoming particularly helpful since the loss of her daughter. Eaton credits yoga’s focus on the power of breathing with helping her to find peace when things are painful or hard. 

Finally, Eaton recommends seeing a therapist, something she does herself. The stigma around mental health makes it even more important people talk about their own mental well-being in her opinion. 

Cone Health is rooted in three values—caring for patients, caring for the community and caring for each other. But Cone Health recognizes that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach. That is why they have an array of offerings employees can select from. From paid time off, to the classes from LiveLifeWell to the Employee Assistance Counseling Program (EACP) that provides 24/7 licensed therapists for employees and their families—Cone Health wants to help employees be the best versions of themselves.