Tammy Myrick: EACP Brings Mental Health Into Focus

Too many people don’t prioritize mental health. Tammy Myrick, director of Marketing, People & Culture, struggled with this herself but found that once she began caring for her mental health she experienced a number of positive changes. 

“I didn’t realize how hard I was being on myself,” she explains. “I wasn’t giving myself credit for all the great accomplishments that I had already made.” 

Myrick took control by participating in counseling, where she realized her mental ideal of life wasn’t realistic. Adopting a more flexible approach to life liberated her. Myrick hopes her story can help others who are struggling with similar issues. 

Some things Myrick recommend others try is meditation and prayer, both of which have benefited her mental wellness. “Meditation is something you can do in a moment or do it for 30 minutes, depending on the time you have available.” She adds that it allows her to focus on her breath and being present in her body rather than dwelling on negative thoughts, while her personal prayer practice also helps with her spiritual well-being. 

“Self-care for me never really came into full view until I became a mom,” Myrick explains. She realized at that point that she was pouring so much energy into caring for her children, her marriage and her friendships — trying to take care of everyone else around her — that somehow she had deprioritized herself. 

Cone Health offers a lot of options to help support team members with their mental well-being. Myrick recommends the Employee Assistance Counseling Program (EACP). “That is one thing that I have personally benefited from — seeing a counselor on a regular basis and having that safe space to talk about all the things I’m experiencing,” she shares. 

Myrick feels that taking care of her mental well-being sets a great example for her kids. “I want them to understand that they don’t always have to have it together,” she says. “They’re going to have good days, and they’re going to have bad days. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.” 

Better mental health impacts her work life as well. “When I take care of my mental well-being, I feel like I’m a better employee, because I can be more focused.” She says, “What I’ve realized is I’m just scratching the surface.”