Virtual Urgent Care Benefits

Getting sick is never convenient but receiving virtual care should be! Save yourself and your family time and money for treatment of common conditions such as sinus symptoms, cough, flu-like symptoms and urinary problems. Click here to learn which types of conditions are treated through virtual care.

Care Anytime Video Visit

Get immediate care through secure video on your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Options for Age 2+
Anytime, Anywhere in US
No Appointment Needed
First Available Provider
Minor Illness or Condition
$50 before deductible: SAVE PLAN
$55: Employees not on the Cone Health plan.

Get Started

This benefit is separate from MyChart “Virtual Urgent Care Visits” (which are billed to your insurance).

MyChart e-Visit

Complete a brief online questionnaire and receive a diagnosis and treatment plan. 

Age 18+
8 a.m. - 8 p.m.
North Carolina Only
First Available Provider
Minor Illness or Condition
No audio or video needed
$35 before deductible: SAVE PLAN

Start an e-Visit

You may submit an e-Visit Anytime (24/7). Submissions submitted overnight will be reviewed by a provider the following morning.


Employee Feedback on e-Visits and Virtual Visits

"E-visits are the best part of our Cone Health medical plan! They are so quick, easy and thorough!"

"Great service to offer. I will definitely use it in the future, as transportation can be complicated when you're sick. Prompt advice and helpful follow-up."

"I was very appreciative of this type of visit and thankful I can get through the rest of my day without having to leave work."

"Easy and reliable! Very knowledgeable providers helping the employees."