Weight Management

Cone Health is committed to helping you reach your weight-loss goals​ through a variety of wellness offerings.​

Weight Watchers 

Did you know Cone Health offers 50% the cost of the program for ALL employees? We also offer WW discount to spouses and/or dependents who are on a Cone Health medical plan. 

We offer two different memberships options:


Eat well, move more, and lose the weight you want with a personalized action plan, progress reports, easy-to-use-tracking tools, 10,500+ recipes and 24/7 Coach chat – all in our award-winning app.

Unlimited Workshops + Digital 

Get in-person and virtual weight-loss support from your Coach and a group of WW members – whenever you need it. We’re reopening with more locations and times, including unlimited virtual sessions. Plus, all the benefits of the Digital plan.


Learn more about WW and enroll by going to ww.com/us/ConeHealth. Rates and enrollment instructions are available on this page. 

WW Workshops will be exclusively held virtually and in-person at WW Studios. To check if a Studio in your area is open, you may visit our Studio Finder.

You can participate in WW to complete your action step for the Healthy Lifestyle Premium Program. To successfully complete your action step for 2022, you will need to record your weight in the WW app at least seven (7) times within twelve (12) consecutive weeks by September 1st, 2022. 

Cone Health Registered Dietitian

All Cone Health employees, regardless of insurance coverage, have access to up to three (3) visits with a Cone Health Registered Dietitian through a Cone Health Nutrition and Diabetes Education Services Center. If you have you have any comorbidities, a physician referral is needed. Appointments can be made at the locations below.

  • Greensboro or Reidsville - call 336-832-3236
  • Burlington - call 336-538-8100

Living Well

A series of classes offered by Cone Health healthy weight specialists to ​help you reach your goals. Click here for more information.

Nutrition and Diabetes Education

Diabetes and FoodCone Health employees can get assistance with meal planning, managing diabetes​, lowering cholesterol, weight loss and much more.

Registered Dietitians/Nurses and Certified Diabetes Educators on staff. No physician referral required.

Call 336-832-3236 for details

Pre-Diabetes 101 Program

This Pre-Diabetes 101 Program occurs over three (3) classes with a 30-minute health coaching call. The program is for people who are diagnosed with pre-diabetes or for people who are at risk of developing diabetes.

The focus of the Pre-Diabetes 101 Program is to understand the factors that contribute to developing diabetes and how to prevent or slow the progression of type 2 diabetes by making healthy lifestyle changes. The program also focuses on nutrition, weight management, exercise, and behavioral change.

Completion of this program meets the requirements for the Healthy Lifestyle Premium Program. Check for program availability.

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