Do you know a wellness superhero? We want to hear from you!

Published on July 31, 2019

Alex Tomalski, EPMO

Alex Tomalski, EPMO

Tell us about Alex's wellness journey.

Alex is a wellness champion in everything he does. He promotes staying active through participating in Cone Health group exercise classes, and he regularly encourages coworkers to take advantage of the free wellness classes. He donates blood at regular intervals, and he even teaches children silk gymnastics. He's continually cooking new, fresh and healthy meals and sharing them with teammates.

What inspired Alex to get healthy and stay healthy?

Alex's answer: "10 years ago, there was a health screening for employees. I went after work and the nurse took my blood pressure. She looked concerned and asked me how old I was. My blood pressure was extremely high due to my health and my food choices. This was my wake up call. Fun fact: I also had the benefit of sharing a space next to Becca Jones (Wellness leader), and she somehow convinced me to run a half marathon with others in the HR department."

Tell us which Cone Health Wellness program Alex participated in.

He regularly participates in yoga, spin, barre and Body Pump classes. He's also attended Dive-In group fitness events.

Are there activities or hobbies Alex now participates in that he didn’t before?

Alex practices silks, using fabrics to perform aerial tricks and movements while hanging in the air. Alex also trains in gymnastics, which has multiple events and skills to practice. Alex's favorites are the uneven bars, rings, and general vaulting. 

Have Alex's doctor, family, friends and co-workers provided support along the way? If so, how?

We regularly support Alex in all of his wellness activities! The entire wellness team, the group exercise trainers (Sandy) and the Cone Health team that are regulars at group exercise (Thursday Afternoon Team!!!) all support Alex!

If you could say one thing to other employees to inspire them, what would you say?

Alex's answer: "My wellness journey has been occurring over the past 10 years with ups and downs, and sometimes it has stopped all together. I am thankful that my leaders and coworkers take time to encourage a healthy work culture. This all does not happen overnight and takes others to help you reach your goals. Come work out with me at the Greensboro group exercise classes!"