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Published on February 25, 2019

Chandel Dundee, IT Services

Chandel Dundee, IT ServicesWhat inspired you to get healthy and stay healthy?

I’ve always loved motivating others and cheering people on, and I love to watch shows that involve team challenge competitions. In college, I remember admiring the athletes on those shows and secretly wishing I could do something that challenging, especially at my age and weight. I had two knee surgeries in the past, which resulted in me giving up my love for jogging. It wasn't until I was exposed to the Healthy Wage Challenge through the LiveLifeWell program that I got just what I needed to bring back my competitive streak and aim it towards my weight-loss journey. Cone Health allowed me the chance to be active through using treadmills, stand-up desks, a discounted personal trainer, a free dietitian visit and fun wellness activities to help make fitness a daily priority.

Which Cone Health Wellness programs have you participated in?

I have participated in the LiveLifeWell Healthy Rewards program, personal training, Cone Health Fun Run, Cone Health group exercise classes, Zumbathon and the Women's only 5K, just to name a few.

Are there activities or hobbies that you participate in now that you didn’t before?

I now participate in spin class, 5Ks, daily walks, elliptical workouts, weight training and jogging.

How have your doctor, family, friends, and co-workers provided support along the way?

My family and friends have supported me on my weight-loss journey. They make sure I work out daily and have celebrated my short-term goals with me. They have considered my needs for healthier food options and have provided me with the proper clothes, shoes and equipment needed for my journey. My doctor has also provided continued encouragement and even brags about my accomplishments in front of everyone at the office. My sports medicine provider has recommended the proper footwear to wear and the best apps to use while jogging. Lastly, my co-workers have celebrated my achievements, invited me to group exercise classes and organized group challenge competitions.  

If you could say one thing to other employees to inspire them, what would you say?

It's never too late to begin your fitness journey. Be patient with yourself, set small goals, reward yourself, visualize success, surround yourself with those who will support you, allow yourself to have set-backs and push through with comebacks. And above everything – NEVER EVER GIVE UP!