Do you know a wellness superhero? We want to hear from you!

Published on August 29, 2019

Christa Luck, Women's Care Center ARMC

Christa Luck

Tell us about your Wellness Superhero journey.

Six years ago when I saw my health issues arising, I took the necessary steps to get into shape. I lost 80+ pounds and have kept it off! I am now on zero medications and go to the gym regularly and actually look forward to it. It's more than exercise - it's stress relief for me!

What inspired you to get healthy and stay healthy?

My family has been my biggest inspiration; I want to be around for them!

Tell us which Cone Health Wellness program you participated in.

I've been to several exercise classes at ARMC as well as the Food & Nutrition classes offered at the Grand Oaks building.

Are there activities or hobbies you now participate in that you didn’t before?

I am a huge fan of outdoor activities, and would rather do them instead of staying inside! I also go to the gym every other day!

Have your doctor, family, friends and co-workers provided support along the way? If so, how?

My friends have encouraged me when I needed it. They remind me of where I came from and of my desire not to go back.

If you could say one thing to other employees to inspire them, what would you say?

You have to do this for you first and foremost! You have to take the leap and be confident that you want to make the change. There is help along the way, so don't be afraid to ask for it, and make small goals so that you can easily accomplish them. ALWAYS remind yourself of where you come from and how you are never going to go back!