Do you know a wellness superhero? We want to hear from you!

Published on December 05, 2019

Esther Smith, Cone Health Center for Children, Child Advocacy Medical Clinic

Esther Smith

Tell us about your Wellness Superhero journey.

I have lost almost 30 pounds (more than 10%!) over the past 6 months, and have gone from being mostly sedentary (which I had been for about a 6-year period, since having my first child) back to an active lifestyle.

What inspired you to get healthy and stay healthy?

When I found that the Healthy Premium program participation was a required part of keeping my family's health insurance premium lower, it was a perfect motivator to join Weight Watchers, which I had been contemplating for several years.

Tell us which Cone Health Wellness programs you participate in.

LiveLifeWell: My Active Health Portal & Weight Watchers.

Are there activities or hobbies you now participate in that you didn’t before?

I now enjoy riding a bike with my kids (who are still in training wheels), I participate in a YMCA Aquatic Group Exercise Class several times per week, I wear a FitBit, I usually take the stairs up and down, I often park in the furthest parking spots, and I always carry a refillable cup with me to remind myself to drink more water throughout the day.

Have your doctor, family, friends and co-workers provided support along the way? If so, how?

Upon my request, my husband did three things that virtually guaranteed my own success: he joined WW online with me, he started making me a smoothie out of fresh & frozen fruit every morning for breakfast, and he started cooking healthy meals at home for dinner.

If you could say one thing to other employees to inspire them, what would you say?

Taking one small step at a time makes a big difference over time. Each day is a new chance to find ways to be a healthier you.