Do you know a wellness superhero? We want to hear from you!

Published on December 05, 2019

Tanya Hackney, Strategic Sourcing, Clinical Value Analysis

Tanya Hackney

Tell us about Tanya's Wellness Superhero journey.

Consistency and perseverance are the 2 words I would describe Tanya Hackney, our Clinical Value Analysis Administrator in Strategic Sourcing. Since 2014, since I first met her on collaborative work, she has engaged herself in ensuring an active lifestyle. As a member of a local running club, she has partnered with a coach to improve her running for stamina and distance. She is very disciplined in allowing herself to decompress at the end of the workday by running alongside her peers that challenge and support her. She is always willing to share health techniques and encourages us, her workmates, to celebrate even the minutest successes. She has conquered various 5Ks and just completed her first half marathon.

What inspired Tanya to get healthy and stay healthy?

Familial history or staying healthy has been ingrained within Tanya. She has a very supportive family and she is a role model to her 2 daughters.

Tell us which Cone Health wellness programs Tanya participates in.

As an active participant is LiveLifeWell, Tanya merges the techniques she is learning from the health programs into her everyday routine.

Are there activities or hobbies Tanya now participates in that she didn’t before?

As a result of the online health education in ActiveHealth, Tanya is now focused in balancing work stress with techniques of relaxation. One technique we have implemented within our team is the "Hang Your Hair" day, which is allowing her to join in activities such as visit to a nearby museum or fresh market indulgence. The incorporation of these activities has helped Tanya to decompress by improving her focus.

Have Tanya's doctor, family, friends and co-workers provided support along the way? If so, how?

There was a time when she had to alter her training run schedule because she was pushing harder in preparation for the half marathon. With the help of her coach, and us, her co-workers, she reached out to a sports medicine physician to address a pain she was experiencing. With a great intention to pursue the challenge, she completed it without injury.

If you could say one thing to other employees to inspire them, what would you say?

Look back through meditation. The appreciation of where you've been is the inspiration to move forward.