Annual Report

DEI Annual Report

Learn more about Cone Health change makers and how we are shifting our mindset to build a future built on diversity, equity and inclusion.

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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

We’re w/you wherever you are

In 2019, Cone Health made the commitment to advance the work of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI). Although swift, strategic action was required, we knew that work in this space wouldn’t happen overnight. As a health care organization, we care for people of all different backgrounds, races, ethnicities, beliefs and more. We promise to be “right here with” all those we serve, which means that no one is discounted. That promise extends to our team members, and we keep it by examining our policies, practices and processes to make sure our team members feel respected, accepted and valued, and they know that they belong. The commitment we make to our more than 13,000 team members ultimately impacts the lives and health outcomes for our patients and the community. 

We envision a Cone Health where everyone can show up authentically and know that they belong here. The race toward this vision is a marathon and not a sprint, and we are right here with each other every step of the way. Our DEI Strategy is a collaborative effort. We need everyone in every department to be a part of this great work to make diversity, equity and inclusion our way of being. Let’s build the best Cone Health together! 

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at Cone Health

You Belong

Cone Health’s DEI strategy only succeeds if everyone feels respected and heard. That means all of our 13,000-plus team members and each and every person who comes to us for care. To start this process of ensuring Diversity, Equity and Inclusion is part of all we do, Cone Health created spaces for respectful dialogue. Building on that foundation, our intention now is to take our DEI commitment to the next level so that changes are visible and sustainable. Together we can continue to ensure Cone Health is a special place that celebrates the uniqueness of our community. 

Employee at Cone Health

What Are Our Strategic Priorities?

Our strategic priorities are based on employee feedback, leading practices, research and data. They are also built upon our brand promise of being “right here with” everyone we serve. We can only uphold that promise when we embrace uniqueness, commit to fair treatment and create an environment of respect and belonging.

The diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) strategic priorities were created to be a compass to help guide us as we set goals and measure success.

Our Strategic Priorities

Awareness & Communication 

The value, engagement and awareness of DEI are consistently and broadly promoted. 

People Strategy 

DEI practices are woven throughout the employee life cycle (attraction to exit). 

Social Responsibility 

Economic value and impact are present in the communities where we live and work. 

Strategic Integration 

Policies, programs and decision-making are viewed through an equity lens to mitigate biases, discrimination, health care inequities and exclusion practices. 

Strategic Leadership 

Organizational and individual accountability exist to achieve DEI goals and ongoing learning; authentic conversations exist for everyone. 

DEI + Health Equity 

The pursuit of health equity is woven into everything we do at Cone Health. Our DEI goals cannot exist without also addressing racial, ethnic, and neighborhood level health disparities that our communities experience. Each piece of our strategy is a part of the greater whole and, when executed correctly, will lead to more inclusive experiences for our team members and more equitable health outcomes for those we serve — no matter who they are, where they live, where they come from or what they believe. 

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Diversity includes all the visible and invisible ways in which people differ, including the different characteristics that make one individual or group different from another.

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Equity is the fair treatment, access, opportunity and advancement for all people.

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Inclusion is the intentional act of creating environments in which any individual or group feels a sense of belonging, respected, supported and valued to fully participate.

Authentic Moments on Screen

In each installment of Authentic Moments, we engage in a frank, no-holds-barred conversation about a range of issues surrounding diversity and inclusion. These conversations are meant to educate, inform and feed curious minds — all part of how Cone Health cares for the whole person.

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Inclusion Network Groups

Our team members are encouraged to be their true selves as they learn, grow and engage in our workplace. Cone Health is committed to our team members’ feeling empowered to express their individuality as they achieve success in their careers. Our Inclusion Network Groups are one way we ensure that Cone Health is a place where diverse voices are engaged and included. 

DEI Inclusion Groups

Solving for Respect, Not Recognition

Many times, being right there with our community means acknowledging and accepting when we are wrong. In 1962, Dr. Alvin Blount and eight other physicians sued Moses H. Cone Memorial Hospital and Wesley Long Hospital for not allowing black patients and physicians in their hospitals. In 2016, Cone Health apologized for their role in this chapter of history and celebrated Dr. Blount, the last remaining plaintiff. Cone Health also set up a scholarship for students pursuing a career in health care in honor of the plaintiffs. The success of this case opened the doors to hospitals across America to black physicians and patients and changed the course of history for the better.

Celebrating Dr. Alvin Blount

Acknowledging the past and charting a path forward has granted us numerous accolades for our efforts in health care equity and equality as well as workplace culture. Cone Health is humbled by the recognition, and our vision is one that includes respect felt by all in each and every encounter with our health care system. A commitment to DEI is an ongoing journey, and true measures of success are the experiences and feelings of belonging our team members, patients and communities gain.

AHA Award

AHA Award

Cone Health was the national recipient of the 2020 Carolyn Boone Lewis Equity of Care Award. It recognizes hospitals and health systems for efforts to reduce health care inequities, and advance diversity and inclusion. This is an annual recognition of outstanding efforts among hospitals and health care systems to advance equity of care to all patients. 

LGBTQ Healthcare Equality Designation

LGBTQ+ Equality Index

For the sixth year, all six Cone Health hospitals earned the “Leader in LGBTQ Healthcare Equality” designation from the Human Rights Campaign Foundation (HRC). HRC is the educational arm of America’s largest civil rights organization for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer people. 

Great Place to Work Designation

Great Place to Work

Cone Health has been Great Place to Work- Certified™ for 2021-2022. The certification means that Cone Health meets or exceeds national benchmarks in workplace culture, employee experience and the leadership behaviors proven to deliver market-leading revenue and increased innovation. Great Place to Work uses a rigorous, data-driven methodology to determine company satisfaction.