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Published on January 03, 2022

Alex Powell

Alex Powell

I earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology and International Development. After graduation, I served as a church missionary, and it became clear to me that I wanted to serve others. I went back to school and earned my nursing degree with a goal to give every patient the care and respect they deserve. While considering residency programs that would help me further my desire to play a role in improving women’s health and close the care disparity gap, I was drawn to Cone Health. What makes the Cone Health RN program stand out is its comprehensiveness and structured rotations through different units. It encourages residents like me to try different floors and to find the best fit. I knew coming in that I wanted to concentrate in Labor & Delivery/NICU, but the exposure to other areas has been invaluable. The genuine support I receive from virtually everyone involved in the program is not only providing me with crucial experience but is helping build my confidence along the way. In so many ways, Cone Health is right here with me.