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Published on March 05, 2021

Cynthia Snider, MD, Infectious Disease Specialist

Cynthia Snider

Working to understand, control and educate others about an infectious disease is how scores of medical professionals have spent the better part of a year. It’s how Cynthia Snider, M.D. has spent her entire career. As an Infectious Disease Specialist, Dr. Snider is one of Cone Health’s most valuable resources in addressing the COVID-19 pandemic. She knew early on how important preparation and mobilization would be in creating a safe and caring environment for patients, caregivers and the community at large. No matter the hour, the caseload or the unpredictability of the contagious virus, Dr. Snider was undeterred in promoting safety and continually helping people understand not just the “what” of COVID-19, but also the “why”.

With the wellbeing of our entire community always at the forefront of her mind, Dr. Snider has been an invaluable contributor to the coordinated response of Cone Health from Day 1 of the pandemic. More importantly, the proactive efforts that have been embraced and instituted. While Dr. Snider will be the first to tell you how so many of her colleagues, neighbors and community leaders have stepped up since the outbreak began to affect us all, her dedication and effortless multitasking rises above. And it’s why she is a COVID-19 Legend.