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Published on December 16, 2020

Irma Santos, Phlebotomist II

Irma's Story

When I returned to Cone Health recently after working here seven years ago, it felt like coming home to a welcoming family. I’m seen as more than a phlebotomist. I’m also recognized as a mother, and a single parent adjusting to a very challenging school year because of COVID. At the beginning of the pandemic, our director gathered the entire staff and reassured us that our jobs would be secure. That was such a relief.

Cone Health also provided daycare for my children and, because of its relationship with Guilford county, made sure my son and daughter could continue schooling in a safe environment.  Incredibly, my son also received a brand new computer from Cone Health to help him participate and thrive during remote learning. In my job, I always try to take the extra step to show my patients how much I care about them. Cone Health does the same for me. I don’t feel like I just work here. I feel like I belong.